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Mount Panorama Production Sports Car One Hour race 2015 standings

Race results for Mount Panorama Production Sports Car One Hour race 2015

1.Flag Rod SalmonMelbourne Performance CentreAudi R8 LMS ultra
Fastest lap
2.Flag Neale MustonExcalibur RacingPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
Fastest lap
3.Flag Andrew MacPhersonAMAK MotorsportPorsche 997 GT3-R
3.Flag Brad ShielsAMAK MotorsportPorsche 997 GT3-R
Pole position
4.Flag Mark GriffithAudi R8 LMS ultra
5.Flag James BergmullerBrighton PorschePorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
6.Flag Nicholas McBridePorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
7.Flag Tony DeFeliceMaranello MotorsportFerrari 458 Italia GT3
8.Flag Barton MawerAudi R8 LMS
8.Flag Gregg TaylorAudi R8 LMS
9.Flag Scott TaylorScott Taylor MotorsportPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
10.Flag David StevensFerrari F430 Challenge
11.Flag Michael GarnerLamborghini Gallardo LP500
11.Flag Matthew TurnbullLamborghini Gallardo LP550
12.Flag Jaxon EvansPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
13.Flag Iain PrettyStraight 8 RacingRoaring Forties GT40
14.Flag Aaron SetonScott Taylor MotorsportPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
15.Flag Garry WatsonPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
16.Flag Anthony SkinnerPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
17.Flag Jamie AugustineDaytona Sports CarsDaytona Coupe
17.Flag Hamish HardemanDaytona Sports CarsDaytona Coupe
18.Flag Roger HillGraham Lusty TrailersNissan GT-R
19.Flag Geoff EmeryPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
19.Flag Brian FinnPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
20.Flag Mark StinsonNissan Silvia turbo
21.Flag Anthony SooleLotus Exige
21.Flag Glenn TownsendLotus Exige
22.Flag Nick KarnarosPorsche 993 RSCS
23.Flag Simon HoggPorsche 911 Carrera
23.Flag Geoffrey MorganPorsche 911 Carrera
24.Flag Adam BurgessGinetta G50
24.Flag Craig BurgessGinetta G50
25.Flag Matt CampbellPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
25.Flag Grant SparksPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
26.Flag Renato LobertoFerrari 458 Challenge
26.Flag Paul van LoenhoutFerrari 458 Challenge
27.Flag Brenton GrovePorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
27.Flag Stephen GrovePorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
28.Flag Jeremy NorrisPorsche 996 GT3
29.Flag Daniel StutterdMotorsport ServicesPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
30.Flag Paul GirtPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
30.Flag Michael GoedheerPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
31.Flag Brad DouglassLotus Elise
31.Flag Geoff NobleLotus Elise
32.Flag Steve McLellanMazda MX-5
33.Flag Manny MezzasalmaEJM MotorsportPorsche 993 RSCS
34.Flag Mark McAleerPorsche 993 RSCS
34.Flag Chris StannardPorsche 993 RSCS
35.Flag Jeff NealePorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
36.Flag Christopher Lewis-WilliamsPorsche 944
37.Flag John StanicPorsche 944
38.Flag Bryan TaylorPorsche 911 Carrera
39.Flag Jeff ThomasDatsun 260Z
40.Flag John GoddardPorsche 944
40.Flag Dylan O'KeeffePorsche 944
41.Flag Peter BoylanPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
Flag Ray AngusPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
Flag Linley BaxterDatsun 260Z
Flag Nick CresswellPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
Flag Benjamin FaggetterEJM MotorsportPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Sam FillmoreMotorsport ServicesPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
Flag Scott FlemingStraight 8 RacingRoaring Forties GT40
Flag Justin HughesHunter Special VehicleLamborghini Gallardo
Flag Tim JamesMotorsport ServicesPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.8
Flag Graham LustyMosler MT900
Flag Nick MarentisPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
Flag Liam McAdamMazda MX-5
Flag Steve McFaddenPorsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6
Flag Steve McLaughlanJamec Pem RacingDodge Viper
Flag Bill PyePorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Flag Andrew RichmondGinetta G50
Flag Robert SmithFerrari 458 Challenge
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