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Moss Trophy 2018 standings

Race results for Moss Trophy 2018

1.Flag Phil KeenJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
1.Flag Jon MinshawJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
2.Flag Rob HuffJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
Fastest lap
2.Flag Richard MeinsJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
3.Flag Lukas HalusaFerrari 250 GT SWB BreadvanFerrari 3.0
3.Flag Emanuele PirroFerrari 250 GT SWB BreadvanFerrari 3.0
4.Flag Vincent GayeFerrari 250 GT SWB/CFerrari 3.0
4.Flag Antony ReidFerrari 250 GT SWB/CFerrari 3.0
5.Flag Jack YoungJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
5.Flag John YoungJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
6.Flag Wolfgang FriedrichsAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
6.Flag Simon HadfieldAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
Pole position
7.Flag Oliver BryantJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
7.Flag Martin O'ConnellJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
8.Flag Patrick Blakeney-EdwardsAC CobraFord 4.7
8.Flag Martin HuntAC CobraFord 4.7
9.Flag Michael GansLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
9.Flag Andrew WolfeLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
10.Flag Paul WoolmerAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
10.Flag Richard WoolmerAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
11.Flag Tom AlexanderAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
11.Flag Adrian WillmottAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
12.Flag Female Katarina KyvalovaAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
12.Flag Jeremy WelchAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
13.Flag John EmbersonMorgan Plus 4 Super SportsTriumph 2.1
13.Flag Bill WykehamMorgan Plus 4 Super SportsTriumph 2.1
14.Flag Karsten le BlancAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
14.Flag Christiaen van LanschotAustin-Healey 3000BMC 2.9
15.Flag Nicholas FinburghLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
15.Flag Marc GordonLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
16.Flag David ClarkLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
16.Flag Charlie SettringtonLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
17.Flag Nick CrewdsonLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
17.Flag John PearsonLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
18.Flag Female Holly Mason-FranchittiAC AceFord 2.6
18.Flag James WoodAC AceFord 2.6
19.Flag John HugenholtzLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
19.Flag Ludovic LindsayLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
20.Flag Robin EllisLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
20.Flag James KingLotus EliteCoventry Climax 1.2
Flag David BrazellJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
Flag Gareth BurnettPorsche 356B Super 90Porsche 1.6
Flag Rob CullTVR GranturaBMC 1.8
Flag Barry DyeTVR Grantura
Porsche 356B Super 90
BMC 1.6
Porsche 1.6

Flag Gregor FiskenJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
Flag Marino FranchittiJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
Flag G. C. GillianAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
Flag John HarperJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
Flag Michael LyonsJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
Flag Simon MilnerTVR GranturaBMC 1.8
Flag Garry PearsonJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
Flag Michael QuinnJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 4.2
Flag Tim SugdenPorsche 356 1500SPorsche 1.6
Flag Sam ThomasJaguar E-typeJaguar 4.2
Flag Sam TordoffPorsche 356 1500SPorsche 1.6
Flag Nick TrottTVR GranturaBMC 1.6
Flag Chris WoodgateAston Martin DB4 GTAston Martin 3.8
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