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Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge supported by Mini Spares 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge supported by Mini Spares 2020

Most race winsFlag Aaron Smith
Most pole positionsFlag Rupert Deeth
Most podium positionsFlag Aaron Smith
Most podium positions without a winFlag Nick Padmore
Most fastest race lapsFlag Aaron Smith

Nationality of participating drivers

100%Great BritainFlag Aaron Smith, Rupert Deeth, Sam Summerhayes, Colin Peacock, James Cuthbertson, Lee Deegan, Kane Astin, Scott Kendall, Nick Padmore, Andrew Jordan, Richard Jessop, Jason Porter, Jason Balding, Endaf Owens, Tony Le May, Joe Thompson, Niven Burge, Paul Simmonds, David Drew, Tom Bell, Peter Arnold, Rob Howard, Darren Mason, James Colburn, Peter Harries, Mark Sims, Dave Edgecombe, Chris Lovett28

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge supported by Mini Spares

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arnold, PeterFlag n/a20000
Astin, KaneFlag 45 y/o110301
Balding, JasonFlag n/a70000
Bell, TomFlag n/a20000
Burge, NivenFlag n/a50000
Colburn, JamesFlag 27 y/o30000
Cuthbertson, JamesFlag n/a100000
Deegan, LeeFlag n/a71300
Deeth, RupertFlag n/a113623
Drew, DavidFlag n/a30000
Edgecombe, DaveFlag n/a00000
Harries, PeterFlag n/a20000
Howard, RobFlag n/a30000
Jessop, RichardFlag n/a70000
Jordan, AndrewFlag 31 y/o42411
Kendall, ScottFlag n/a90000
Le May, TonyFlag n/a60000
Lovett, ChrisFlag n/a00000
Mason, DarrenFlag n/a40000
Owens, EndafFlag n/a50110
Padmore, NickFlag n/a50412
Peacock, ColinFlag n/a110100
Porter, JasonFlag n/a50000
Simmonds, PaulFlag n/a20000
Sims, MarkFlag n/a00000
Smith, AaronFlag n/a104804
Summerhayes, SamFlag n/a101300
Thompson, JoeFlag n/a20000
32020-08-08Brands HatchSmithDeethJordanDeethPadmore
42020-08-09Brands HatchSmithJordanPadmorePadmoreAstin
52020-08-09Brands HatchJordanSmithPadmoreAstinSmith
82020-10-03Castle CombeJordanAstinDeethJordanJordan
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