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33° Mil Milhas Brasileiras 2005 standings

Race results for 33° Mil Milhas Brasileiras 2005

1.Flag Giuliano LosaccoMedley GenéricosAudi TT DTM
Fastest lap
1.Flag Guto Negrão Medley GenéricosAudi TT DTM
1.Flag Xandinho Negrão Medley GenéricosAudi TT DTM
1.Flag Xandy Negrão Medley GenéricosAudi TT DTM
2.Flag Paulo BonifácioCapuavaZF 01/Chevrolet
2.Flag Felipe GiaffoneCapuavaZF 01/Chevrolet
2.Flag Tony KanaanCapuavaZF 01/Chevrolet
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Luiz PaternostroCapuavaZF 01/Chevrolet
3.Flag Marco CiociRacing BoxViper GTS-R
3.Flag Gabriele MatteuzziRacing BoxViper GTS-R
3.Flag Piergiuseppe PerazziniRacing BoxViper GTS-R
3.Flag Tom WeickardtRacing BoxViper GTS-R
4.Flag Aroldo BauermannDener Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS
4.Flag Ricardo EtcheniqueDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-RS
4.Flag Ricardo MaurícioDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-RS
5.Flag Flávio FigueiredoDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-R
5.Flag Otávio MesquitaDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-R
5.Flag Luiz ZattarDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-R
6.Flag Dieter QuesterBMW M3 E46
6.Flag Karl WendlingerBMW M3 46
6.Flag Christian Toto WolffBMW M3 E46
6.Flag Stefano ZoncaBMW M3 E46
7.Flag Raúl BoeselDener Motorsport/StuttgartPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
7.Flag André Lara ResendeDener Motorsport/StuttgartPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
7.Flag Marcel ViscondeDener Motorsports/Stuttgart Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
7.Flag Max WilsonDener Motorsport/StuttgartPorsche GT3
9.Flag Diego AlessiMax TeamBMW M3 GTR
9.Flag Alessandro CanaliMax TeamBMW M3 GTR
9.Flag Alberto CerraiMax TeamBMW M3 GTR
9.Flag Franco RavasioMax TeamBMW M3 GTR
10.Flag Almir DonatoGuerra MotorsportAldee Spyder
10.Flag Ricardo RodriguesGuerra MotorsportAldee Spyder
11.Flag Paulo GomesFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
14.Flag Ernesto OteroAldee Spyder
14.Flag Leonardo OteroAldee Spyder
16.Flag Norberto GresseLoc RacingChevrolet Omega
17.Flag Cesinha BonilhaCesinha CompetiçõesAldee Spyder VW
18.Flag Roberto AmaralChevrolet Omega
18.Flag Mauricio OlioChevrolet Omega
19.Flag Guilherme RibasAldee Spyder VW
19.Flag Sérgio RibasPeter RacingAldee Spyder VW
22.Flag Uwe AlzenKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7-R
22.Flag Antonio HermannKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7-R
22.Flag Franz KonradKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7-R
28.Flag Arthur BragantiniChevrolet Omega
32.Flag Luis Cali CrestaniAS Vectra
36.Flag Ingo HoffmannDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-RS
36.Flag Totò PortoDener Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS
36.Flag Eduardo SoutoDener MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3-RS
44.Flag Antonio MoraesPorsche 911 Carrera
44.Flag Maurizio Sandro SalaPorsche 911 Carrera
44.Flag Flavio TrindadePorsche 911 Carrera
49.Flag Galid OsmanAldee Spyder Chevrolet
51.Flag Carlos KrayWest CoastMetalmoro MCR
54.Flag Leonardo BurtiBMW M3
54.Flag Cassio Homem de MelloBMW M3
54.Flag Eduardo Homem de MelloBMW M3
55.Flag Jamie Campbell-WalterCapuva RacingLister Storm Jaguar 6000
56.Flag Duda BanaBana PneusAldee Spyder
56.Flag Jair BanaAldee Spyder Chevrolet
Flag André Bragantini Jr.HT GuerraChevrolet Omega
Flag Duda PamplonaRadical SR2 Turbo
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