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Mil Milhas Brasil - GTP1 2006 standings

Race results for Mil Milhas Brasil - GTP1 2006

1.Flag Christophe BouchutCirtek MotorsportAston Martin DBR9
1.Flag Helio CastronevesCirtek MotorsportAston Martin DBR9
1.Flag Nelson PiquetCirtek MotorsportAston Martin DBR9
1.Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.Cirtek MotorsportAston Martin DBR9
Fastest lap
2.Flag Raul BoeselCapuavaMercedes DTM
2.Flag Tony KanaanCapuavaMercedes DTM
2.Flag Pedro LamyCapuavaMercedes DTM
2.Flag Giuliano LosaccoCapuavaMercedes DTM
3.Flag Jean-Marc GounonKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
3.Flag Antonio HermannKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
3.Flag Didier TheysKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
4.Flag Franz KonradKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
4.Flag Robert LechnerKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
4.Flag Tom WickertKonrad MotorsportSaleen S7R
5.Flag Paulo GomesGLPK CarsportChevrolet Corvette C5-R
5.Flag Mike HezemansGLPK CarsportChevrolet Corvette C5-R
5.Flag Alencar JuniorGLPK CarsportChevrolet Corvette C5-R
5.Flag Clemente LunardiGLPK CarsportChevrolet Corvette C5-R
6.Flag Paulo de Tarso MarquesGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
6.Flag Tarso MarquesGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
6.Flag Thiago MarquesGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
7.Flag Lucas MoloTekpromFerrari 550
7.Flag Maurício NevesTekpromFerrari 550
7.Flag Nelson Silva Jr.TekpromFerrari 550
8.Flag Paulo Roberto BonifácioScuderia 111ZF 01/Chevrolet
8.Flag Felipe GiaffoneScuderia 111ZF 01/Chevrolet
Pole position
8.Flag Vitor MeiraScuderia 111ZF 01/Chevrolet
Pole position
9.Flag Marco CiociGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
9.Flag Luca DrudiGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
9.Flag Philipp PeterGPCFerrari 575 Maranello GTC
10.Flag Ciro Aliperti Jr.Nascar-RebialMCR GT1
10.Flag Aloysio Andrade FilhoNascar-RebialMCR GT1
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