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Mercedes Benz Premium Race 2013 standings

Race results for Mercedes Benz Premium Race 2013

1.Flag José Luis MatosDmack UruguayMercedes Benz C200
Fastest lap
2.Flag Gino SettinMercedes Benz C200
3.Flag Daniel RostroMercedes Benz C200
Pole position
Fastest lap
4.Flag Matías RuizMercedes Benz C200
5.Flag Federico RoigMercedes Benz C200
6.Flag Willy ParadaMercedes Benz C200
7.Flag Fabricio MarioneMercedes Benz C200
Pole position
8.Flag Enrique MaglioneMercedes Benz C200
9.Flag Rodrigo ZeballosMercedes Benz C200
10.Flag Ivan FrommelMercedes Benz C200
11.Flag Nestor LarrosaMercedes Benz C200
12.Flag Gustavo ElíaMercedes Benz C200
13.Flag Marcelo EsmorisMercedes Benz C200
14.Flag Leonardo EsmerodeMercedes Benz C200
15.Flag Marcelo ValdézMercedes Benz C200
16.Flag Jose Luis dos SantosMercedes Benz C200
17.Flag Alejandro BagnascoMercedes Benz C200
18.Flag Andrés BartesaghiMercedes Benz C200
19.Flag Gustavo TaruccoMercedes Benz C200
20.Flag Francisco MalgarejoMercedes Benz C200
21.Flag Juan Pablo ParadaMercedes Benz C200
22.Flag Fernando Vaz ArduvinoMercedes Benz C200
23.Flag Diego VigoritoMercedes Benz C200
24.Flag Javier BlancoMercedes Benz C200
25.Flag Juan Alfonso TorresMercedes Benz C200
26.Flag Ignacio MoreiraMercedes Benz C200
27.Flag German De LeonMercedes Benz C200
28.Flag Francisco TaruccoMercedes Benz C200
29.Flag Beto RossiMercedes Benz C200
30.Flag Jorge RomeroMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Rogelio ÁlvarezMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Guillermo ArrietaMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Alejandro CiriglianoMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Nicolás CoralloMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Domingo De VittaMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Federico EnsslinMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Diego Martinez de MarcoMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Gastón MazzacaneMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Fernando RamaMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Gerardo SalaveríaMercedes Benz C200
31.Flag Gustavo TrellesMercedes Benz C200
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