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Main Event Racing Series 2011 standings

Championship points standings for the Main Event Racing Series 2011

Most race winsFlag Jim Carter
Most podium positionsFlag Jim Carter
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bryan Short

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Bud Perry, Rich Rohrer, Jim Carter, Josh Smith, Donnie Hill, Drew Charlson, Bryan Short, John Flynn, Jeremy Dennis, Scott Baker, Johnny Jenkins, John Stroble, Burgess White, Brock Coyer, Justin Schroeder, Tim Ice, Charlie Schultz, Don Harvey, Marcus Malcuit, Mike Stacy, Bob Sibila, Harold Fair, Jr., Brian Rievley, Terry Fisher, Jr., John Sandquist, Jr., Jamie Hunt, Rick Sibila, Terry Sennecker, Ron Jaberg Jr, Steven Needles, Brent Jack, Mike Kugler, John Sandquist, Sr., Tyler Roahrig, Bob Gainer, Scott Hantz, Brian Fries, Derek Grewell, Travis Eddy, Jeff Parr, Jasper Case, Jack Varney, Jr., Trent Hellenga, Lou Cicconi Jr, Paul Pelletier, Tom Blackburn, Bill Cantley, Nick Grodi, Justin May, Larry Zent, Emerson Huffman, John Gearhart, Kenny White, Joe Ellert, Gene Molnar, Jr., Jonathan Reitter, Bob Schneider, Dave Stehouwer, Robby Henderson, Jim Lewis60

Individual driver statistics for the 2011 Main Event Racing Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Baker, ScottFlag 54 y/o511
Blackburn, TomFlag n/a100
Cantley, BillFlag n/a100
Carter, JimFlag n/a623
Case, JasperFlag n/a100
Charlson, DrewFlag 18 y/o601
Cicconi Jr, LouFlag n/a100
Coyer, BrockFlag n/a300
Dennis, JeremyFlag n/a600
Eddy, TravisFlag n/a100
Ellert, JoeFlag n/a100
Fair, Jr., HaroldFlag n/a100
Fisher, Jr., TerryFlag n/a100
Flynn, JohnFlag n/a500
Fries, BrianFlag n/a200
Gainer, BobFlag n/a200
Gearhart, JohnFlag n/a100
Grewell, DerekFlag n/a100
Grodi, NickFlag 17 y/o100
Hantz, ScottFlag 48 y/o100
Harvey, DonFlag n/a200
Hellenga, TrentFlag n/a100
Henderson, RobbyFlag n/a00000
Hill, DonnieFlag n/a601
Huffman, EmersonFlag n/a100
Hunt, JamieFlag n/a200
Ice, TimFlag 55 y/o501
Jaberg Jr, RonFlag n/a200
Jack, BrentFlag n/a101
Jenkins, JohnnyFlag n/a501
Kugler, MikeFlag n/a101
Lewis, JimFlag n/a00000
Malcuit, MarcusFlag n/a300
May, JustinFlag n/a100
Molnar, Jr., GeneFlag n/a00000
Needles, StevenFlag n/a101
Parr, JeffFlag n/a100
Pelletier, PaulFlag n/a100
Perry, BudFlag n/a601
Reitter, JonathanFlag n/a00000
Rievley, BrianFlag n/a200
Roahrig, TylerFlag n/a100
Rohrer, RichFlag n/a611
Sandquist, Jr., JohnFlag n/a200
Sandquist, Sr., JohnFlag n/a300
Schneider, BobFlag n/a00000
Schroeder, JustinFlag n/a300
Schultz, CharlieFlag n/a400
Sennecker, TerryFlag n/a111
Short, BryanFlag n/a602
Sibila, BobFlag n/a300
Sibila, RickFlag n/a200
Smith, JoshFlag n/a612
Stacy, MikeFlag n/a300
Stehouwer, DaveFlag n/a00000
Stroble, JohnFlag n/a400
Varney, Jr., JackFlag n/a100
White, BurgessFlag n/a400
White, KennyFlag n/a100
Zent, LarryFlag n/a100
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