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Rockweiler Insulation Limited Late Models 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Rockweiler Insulation Limited Late Models 2009

Most race winsFlag Bobby Wilberg
Flag Scott Broughton
Flag Ross Kenseth
Most pole positionsFlag Jeremy Miller
Most podium positionsFlag Bobby Wilberg
Flag Zack Riddle
Most podium positions without a winFlag Brady Liddle
Flag Kevin Tunks
Most fastest race lapsFlag Jeremy Miller

Nationality of participating drivers

98.5%U.S.A.Flag Jeremy Miller, Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, John Baumeister, Jr., Scott Broughton, Dave Feiler, Chad Stevens, Ryan Goldade, John Ovadal, Jr., Kevin Knuese, Nathan Oppliger, Brady Liddle, Jason Hicks, Ross Kenseth, Tyler Kelley, Shaun Scheel, Vern Fagerberg, Jr., Brad Becker, Michael Bachaus, Nathan Haseleu, Cliff Rucks, Mike Storkson, Andy Evraets, Alex Jones, Dann Barber, Bruce Lee, Matt Kenseth, Michael Bilderback, Todd Schmitz, Kevin Tunks, Mackenzie Piller, Chad Wood, Kyle Shear, Ty Reedy, Russell Grossen, Rusty Hansen, Rich Schumann, Jr., James Swan, A.J. Henriksen, Mark English, Jody Krueger, Jake Finney, Jimmy Ganski, Rebecca Kasten, Steve Litchfeld, Jesse Saunders, Sonny Schoffen, Josh Wallace, Casey Johnson, Tom Schuette, Kyle Jarlsberg, Tanner Berryhill, Rick Nelson, Mike Lloyd, Tim Sargent, Luke Hoffman, Kyle Lapier, Chad Manor, Jesse Oudenhoven, Corey Funk, Derek Childs, Shayne Poehnelt, Steven Schulz, Paul Edmundson, Cardell Potter, Dan Heying66
1.5%South AfricaFlag J.D. Leonard1

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Rockweiler Insulation Limited Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bachaus, MichaelFlag n/a60000
Barber, DannFlag n/a40000
Baumeister, Jr., JohnFlag n/a141511
Becker, BradFlag n/a50000
Berryhill, TannerFlag 15 y/o10000
Bilderback, MichaelFlag n/a31100
Broughton, ScottFlag n/a142502
Childs, DerekFlag n/a10000
Edmundson, PaulFlag n/a10000
English, MarkFlag n/a10000
Evraets, AndyFlag n/a70000
Fagerberg, Jr., VernFlag n/a110000
Feiler, DaveFlag n/a121511
Finney, JakeFlag 23 y/o10000
Funk, CoreyFlag n/a10000
Ganski, JimmyFlag n/a10000
Goldade, RyanFlag n/a141302
Grossen, RussellFlag n/a20000
Hansen, RustyFlag n/a20000
Haseleu, NathanFlag 31 y/o10000
Henriksen, A.J.Flag 28 y/o20000
Heying, DanFlag n/a00000
Hicks, JasonFlag n/a130000
Hoffman, LukeFlag n/a30000
Jarlsberg, KyleFlag n/a10000
Johnson, CaseyFlag n/a20000
Jones, AlexFlag n/a31100
Kasten, RebeccaFlag 18 y/o10000
Kelley, TylerFlag n/a110000
Kenseth, MattFlag 37 y/o10000
Kenseth, RossFlag 16 y/o62202
Knuese, KevinFlag n/a140000
Krueger, JodyFlag n/a10000
Lapier, KyleFlag n/a10000
Lee, BruceFlag n/a40000
Leonard, J.D.Flag 20 y/o90000
Liddle, BradyFlag n/a140100
Litchfeld, SteveFlag n/a10000
Lloyd, MikeFlag n/a10000
Manor, ChadFlag n/a10000
Miller, JeremyFlag 36 y/o141583
Nelson, RickFlag n/a20000
Oppliger, NathanFlag n/a120000
Oudenhoven, JesseFlag n/a10000
Ovadal, Jr., JohnFlag n/a130000
Piller, MackenzieFlag n/a10000
Poehnelt, ShayneFlag n/a10000
Potter, CardellFlag n/a10000
Reedy, TyFlag n/a30000
Riddle, ZackFlag n/a141601
Rucks, CliffFlag n/a60000
Sargent, TimFlag n/a10000
Saunders, JesseFlag n/a20000
Scheel, ShaunFlag n/a130000
Schmitz, ToddFlag 43 y/o20000
Schoffen, SonnyFlag n/a10000
Schuette, TomFlag n/a10000
Schulz, StevenFlag n/a10000
Schumann, Jr., RichFlag 34 y/o20000
Shear, KyleFlag 21 y/o30000
Stevens, ChadFlag n/a141100
Storkson, MikeFlag n/a50000
Swan, JamesFlag n/a30000
Tunks, KevinFlag n/a20100
Wallace, JoshFlag n/a10000
Wilberg, BobbyFlag n/a122631
Wood, ChadFlag n/a40000
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