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Lucas Oil/Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the Lucas Oil/Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series 2010

Most race winsFlag Chris Gerchman
Most podium positionsFlag Chris Gerchman
Most podium positions without a winFlag Doug Hamm

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Jim Mardis, Tim Morse, Chris Gerchman, Austin Barnes, Tom Lovelady, Larry Gerchman, Dylan Kwasniewski, Doug Hamm, Scott Osborn, Aaron McMorran, David Gerchman Sr, Doug Carpenter, Dave Arce, Roger Brown, James Cole, Bryan Collins, Dennis Lovelady, Pat Petrie, Randy Ussery, Jimmy Dickerson, Michael Riefler, P.J. Megna, Andrew Phipps, David Boardman, Hayden Smith, Shelby Stoebel, Mike Regelman, Broc Murphy, Anthony Gordon, Jentry Pisca, Justin Olmsted, Kenny Thompson, Philip Waterman, Matt Johnson, Gary Rodriguez, Mike Schmidt, Vince Koenig, Chris Swenson, Austin Murphy, Jovan Lazarevic, Shea Kennedy, Jerry Thitchemer, Rich Lindgren, Jason Patison, Chris Clyne, Chris Patton, Wayne Jacks, Billy Johanneck, Bob Meese, Pat Bush, Ed Patton, Glen Burke52

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 Lucas Oil/Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arce, DaveFlag n/a701
Barnes, AustinFlag n/a902
Boardman, DavidFlag n/a200
Brown, RogerFlag n/a900
Burke, GlenFlag n/a100
Bush, PatFlag n/a100
Carpenter, DougFlag n/a900
Clyne, ChrisFlag n/a100
Cole, JamesFlag n/a601
Collins, BryanFlag n/a700
Dickerson, JimmyFlag n/a100
Gerchman, ChrisFlag 23 y/o967
Gerchman, LarryFlag 55 y/o900
Gerchman Sr, DavidFlag n/a900
Gordon, AnthonyFlag n/a100
Hamm, DougFlag n/a904
Jacks, WayneFlag 61 y/o100
Johanneck, BillyFlag n/a100
Johnson, MattFlag n/a100
Kennedy, SheaFlag n/a100
Koenig, VinceFlag n/a200
Kwasniewski, DylanFlag 15 y/o702
Lazarevic, JovanFlag n/a100
Lindgren, RichFlag 32 y/o100
Lovelady, DennisFlag n/a700
Lovelady, TomFlag n/a900
Mardis, JimFlag n/a926
McMorran, AaronFlag n/a900
Meese, BobFlag n/a100
Megna, P.J.Flag n/a200
Morse, TimFlag n/a913
Murphy, AustinFlag n/a100
Murphy, BrocFlag n/a200
Olmsted, JustinFlag n/a300
Osborn, ScottFlag n/a900
Patison, JasonFlag n/a100
Patton, ChrisFlag n/a100
Patton, EdFlag n/a100
Petrie, PatFlag n/a700
Phipps, AndrewFlag n/a201
Pisca, JentryFlag n/a100
Regelman, MikeFlag n/a100
Riefler, MichaelFlag n/a500
Rodriguez, GaryFlag n/a100
Schmidt, MikeFlag n/a100
Smith, HaydenFlag n/a200
Stoebel, ShelbyFlag n/a101
Swenson, ChrisFlag n/a200
Thitchemer, JerryFlag n/a100
Thompson, KennyFlag n/a100
Ussery, RandyFlag n/a800
Waterman, PhilipFlag n/a200
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