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Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points 2020

Most race winsFlag Todd Rittenhouse Jr
Flag Brett Wanner
Flag Tyler Ross
Most podium positionsFlag Brett Wanner
Most podium positions without a winFlag Steve Owings
Most fastest race lapsFlag Todd Rittenhouse Jr
Flag Steve Owings
Flag Brett Wanner
Flag Tyler Ross
Flag Scott Fisher
Flag Matt Findley
Flag Brett Strickler
Flag Jordan Strickler
Flag Chris Arnold

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Todd Rittenhouse Jr, Steve Owings, Brett Wanner, Ashley Cappetta, Tyler Ross, Chris Frank, David Holbrook, Dave Brown Jr, C J Tracy, Scott Fisher, Cody Fletcher, Tim McClelland, Kyle Denmyer, Zachary Allman, Dylan Orwig, Mark van Vorst, Hayden Miller, Zach Newlin, Jon Stewart, Jeff Paulson, Alyson Dietz, Kenny Kuhn, Zachary Cool, Mike Bittinger, Justin Foster, Zane Rudisill, John Sharpe, Jake Galloway, Billy Heltzel III, Jacob Balliet, Matt Findley, Wyatt Hinkle, Brett Strickler, Doug Hammaker, Jordan Strickler, Mason Chaney, Jeff Rohrbaugh, Billy Heltzel, Jordan Givler, Chad Criswell, Dylan Norris, Kody Hartlaub, Steven Kisamore, Chris Arnold, Jake Miller, Hannah Riser, Eric Parker, Cameron Burke, Kyle Rohrbaugh, Travis Scott, Nat Tuckey, Andrew Hake, Travis Leh, Russell Hammaker, Steve Wilbur, Cody Phillips, Tyler Esh57

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allman, ZacharyFlag n/a110000
Arnold, ChrisFlag n/a71201
Balliet, JacobFlag n/a100000
Bittinger, MikeFlag n/a30000
Brown Jr, DaveFlag n/a40000
Burke, CameronFlag n/a60000
Cappetta, AshleyFlag n/a110000
Chaney, MasonFlag n/a90000
Cool, ZacharyFlag n/a100000
Criswell, ChadFlag 40 y/o30000
Denmyer, KyleFlag n/a40000
Dietz, AlysonFlag 21 y/o70100
Esh, TylerFlag n/a10000
Findley, MattFlag n/a91101
Fisher, ScottFlag n/a111201
Fletcher, CodyFlag n/a110100
Foster, JustinFlag n/a100000
Frank, ChrisFlag n/a90000
Galloway, JakeFlag n/a40000
Givler, JordanFlag n/a2020
Hake, AndrewFlag n/a20000
Hammaker, DougFlag n/a50200
Hammaker, RussellFlag n/a10000
Hartlaub, KodyFlag n/a40100
Heltzel, BillyFlag n/a70000
Heltzel III, BillyFlag n/a20000
Hinkle, WyattFlag n/a71100
Holbrook, DavidFlag n/a20000
Kisamore, StevenFlag n/a40000
Kuhn, KennyFlag n/a50000
Leh, TravisFlag n/a20000
McClelland, TimFlag n/a30100
Miller, HaydenFlag n/a110000
Miller, JakeFlag n/a10000
Newlin, ZachFlag n/a30100
Norris, DylanFlag n/a40100
Orwig, DylanFlag n/a100000
Owings, SteveFlag n/a80301
Parker, EricFlag n/a10000
Paulson, JeffFlag n/a60000
Phillips, CodyFlag n/a10000
Riser, HannahFlag n/a30000
Rittenhouse Jr, ToddFlag n/a112401
Rohrbaugh, JeffFlag n/a40000
Rohrbaugh, KyleFlag n/a60000
Ross, TylerFlag n/a72201
Rudisill, ZaneFlag n/a100000
Scott, TravisFlag n/a60000
Sharpe, JohnFlag n/a70000
Stewart, JonFlag n/a60000
Strickler, BrettFlag n/a91101
Strickler, JordanFlag n/a100101
Tracy, C JFlag n/a70100
Tuckey, NatFlag n/a10000
van Vorst, MarkFlag n/a100000
Wanner, BrettFlag n/a102501
Wilbur, SteveFlag n/a10000
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