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Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points 1998 standings

Championship points standings for the Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points 1998

Most race winsFlag Doug Esh
Most podium positionsFlag Greg Leiby
Most podium positions without a winFlag Terry Leininger

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Greg Leiby, Terry Leininger, Mike Lehman, Doug Esh, Cris Eash, Mark Richard, Jeff Miller, Jeremy Trout, Jimmy Burns, Dave Gable Jr, Dale Hammaker, Rusty Pressley, Mark Yinger, Scott Ausherman, Eric Stambaugh, Bob Beidleman, Jimmy Stitzel, Joe Ilg, Bill Case, Chad Layton, Elmer Stoltzfus, Becca Anderson, Bill Fannasy, Tim Hershey, Bob Hagan, Eric Patteson, Mike Rabold, Brian Allman, Mark Moody, Bret Whitcraft, Babe Mader, Neil Amspacher, Chad Wolf, Jimmy Layton, Dave Bobb, Ted Baker, Ronnie Orwig, Brian Eichelberger, Glenndon Forsythe, Tim Higgins, Kevin Drury, Scott Murrell, James Chesson, Bob Nace, Brian Mullen, Tom Leach, Joe Whitcomb, Bernie Lemaster, James Layton, Pierron Reasner, Bill Case Jr, Andy Rhoads, Bob Cammilli, Claire Wintermeyer, Russ Shoop, Todd Reed, Larry Jackson, Ron Kramer, Bill Laughman, P. J. Chesson, Tim Shaffer, Billy Dietrich, Dave Leahy, Rick Kaylor, Ray Miller, Jerry Stinson, Roger Grubb, Randy Rhoads, Dan Haines, Tony Tomassacci, Dan Richcreek, P H Reasner, Jim Layton, T.J. Stutts, Steve Petrick, Scott Weaver, Ray Kozimor, Jim Fowler, Denny Gross, Rick Horn, Rich Eichelberger, Judd Shepard, Garry Gollub, Tom Frachetta, Jake Raudabaugh, Fred Sabatino, George Riden, Dan Dietrich, Denny Garl, Chris Snyder, Steve Buckwalter, Eric Miller92

Individual driver statistics for the 1998 Lincoln Speedway PA - 358 Sprintcar Season Points

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allman, BrianFlag n/a60000
Amspacher, NeilFlag n/a60000
Anderson, BeccaFlag 19 y/o3000
Ausherman, ScottFlag 41 y/o10000
Baker, TedFlag n/a10000
Beidleman, BobFlag 37 y/o4000
Bobb, DaveFlag n/a20000
Buckwalter, SteveFlag 20 y/o1000
Burns, JimmyFlag n/a8000
Cammilli, BobFlag n/a7000
Case, BillFlag n/a2000
Case Jr, BillFlag n/a6000
Chesson, JamesFlag 17 y/o5010
Chesson, P. J.Flag 19 y/o3000
Dietrich, BillyFlag 16 y/o7000
Dietrich, DanFlag 50 y/o1000
Drury, KevinFlag n/a7000
Eash, CrisFlag 32 y/o7340
Eichelberger, BrianFlag n/a6000
Eichelberger, RichFlag n/a2000
Esh, DougFlag 26 y/o9450
Fannasy, BillFlag n/a11000
Forsythe, GlenndonFlag 22 y/o20000
Fowler, JimFlag n/a00000
Frachetta, TomFlag n/a3000
Gable Jr, DaveFlag n/a9010
Garl, DennyFlag n/a10000
Gollub, GarryFlag n/a1000
Gross, DennyFlag n/a20000
Grubb, RogerFlag n/a3000
Hagan, BobFlag n/a11000
Haines, DanFlag n/a40000
Hammaker, DaleFlag n/a6000
Hershey, TimFlag n/a3000
Higgins, TimFlag n/a10000
Horn, RickFlag n/a10000
Ilg, JoeFlag n/a11000
Jackson, LarryFlag n/a2000
Kaylor, RickFlag n/a5010
Kozimor, RayFlag n/a20000
Kramer, RonFlag n/a6000
Laughman, BillFlag n/a7000
Layton, ChadFlag 22 y/o9010
Layton, JamesFlag n/a10000
Layton, JimFlag n/a40000
Layton, JimmyFlag n/a4000
Leach, TomFlag n/a8000
Leahy, DaveFlag n/a10000
Lehman, MikeFlag n/a10230
Leiby, GregFlag n/a11170
Leininger, TerryFlag n/a11050
Lemaster, BernieFlag n/a5000
Mader, BabeFlag n/a80000
Miller, EricFlag 18 y/o10000
Miller, JeffFlag n/a50000
Miller, RayFlag n/a4000
Moody, MarkFlag n/a3000
Mullen, BrianFlag n/a2000
Murrell, ScottFlag n/a00000
Nace, BobFlag n/a9000
Orwig, RonnieFlag n/a60000
Patteson, EricFlag n/a8000
Petrick, SteveFlag n/a10000
Pressley, RustyFlag n/a4000
Rabold, MikeFlag n/a9000
Raudabaugh, JakeFlag n/a10000
Reasner, P HFlag n/a60000
Reasner, PierronFlag n/a9000
Reed, ToddFlag n/a7000
Rhoads, AndyFlag n/a2000
Rhoads, RandyFlag n/a5000
Richard, MarkFlag n/a10130
Richcreek, DanFlag n/a20000
Riden, GeorgeFlag n/a10000
Sabatino, FredFlag n/a10000
Shaffer, TimFlag 31 y/o10000
Shepard, JuddFlag n/a3000
Shoop, RussFlag n/a3000
Snyder, ChrisFlag n/a20000
Stambaugh, EricFlag n/a11000
Stinson, JerryFlag n/a40000
Stitzel, JimmyFlag n/a2000
Stoltzfus, ElmerFlag n/a11000
Stutts, T.J.Flag 18 y/o4000
Tomassacci, TonyFlag n/a20000
Trout, JeremyFlag n/a4020
Weaver, ScottFlag n/a3000
Whitcomb, JoeFlag n/a5000
Whitcraft, BretFlag n/a10000
Wintermeyer, ClaireFlag n/a2000
Wolf, ChadFlag n/a90000
Yinger, MarkFlag n/a8000
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