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Levin International 1967 standings

Race results for Levin International 1967

1.Flag Jim ClarkTeam LotusLotus 33 (Climax)
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Jackie StewartR.H.H. ParnellBRM P261
3.Flag Richard AttwoodR.H.H. ParnellBRM P261
4.Flag Frank GardnerAlec Mildren RacingBrabham BT23B (Climax)
5.Flag Graeme LawrenceBrabham BT18 (Ford)
6.Flag Dene HollierLotus 27 (Ford)
7.Flag Roly LevisBrabham BT18 (Ford)
8.Flag Bill StoneRoly LevisBrabham BT6 (Ford)
9.Flag Laurence BrownlieBrabham BT6 (Ford)
Flag Kevin BartlettAlec Mildren RacingBrabham BT11A (Climax)
Flag Irvine William DawsonBrabham BT7A (Climax)
Flag Grahame HarveyBrabham BT9 (Ford)
Flag Denny HulmeBrabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT22 (Climax)
Flag Dennis MarwoodEcurie RothmansCooper T66 (Climax)
Flag Jim PalmerJim Palmer RacingBrabham BT22 (Climax)
Flag Ken SagerBrabham BT16 (Ford)
Flag John WestonBrabham BT2 (Ford)
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