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Lernerville Speedway - 410 Sprintcars 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the Lernerville Speedway - 410 Sprintcars 2012

Most race winsFlag Danny Holtgraver
Flag Brian Ellenberger
Most podium positionsFlag Danny Holtgraver
Most podium positions without a winFlag Danny Smith
Flag Scott Priester
Flag Andy McKisson
Flag Danny Mumaw
Most fastest race lapsFlag Danny Holtgraver
Flag Rod George
Flag Carl Bowser
Flag Brian Ellenberger

Nationality of participating drivers

95.5%U.S.A.Flag Danny Smith, Dale Blaney, Kevin Schaeffer, Danny Holtgraver, Jack Sodeman Jr, Brandon Matus, Eric Williams, Rod George, Brian Steinman, Brandon Spithaler, Dan Kuriger, Pete Landram, Scott Priester, Carl Bowser, Pete Miller III, Andrew Albrecht, Adam Kekich, Chris Best, Jack Whitmore, Adam Miller, Brian Ellenberger, Adam Anderson, Brent Matus, Gary Rankin, Sheila Rankin, Bobbi Rankin, Ed Lynch Jr, Bill Kiley, Daryl Stimeling, Cap Henry, Bob McMillin, Jimmy Light, Andy McKisson, Davey Jones, Gale Ruth, Bob Howard, Danny Mumaw, Todd Bauer, Billy Eash, Andy Priest, Sheldon Haudenschild, Charlie Cornelius, Dennis Wagner, Bill Jones Jr, Lance Moss, Justin Schwien, Gale Ruth Jr, John McCracken Jr, C.J. Jones, Jimmy Seger, Travis Philo, Ed Neumeister, Jim Morris III, Justin Whitesell, Walt Tutak Jr, Chris Dunn, David Smith, Ed Lynch III, Cory Good, Skip Dougherty, Francis Sesco, Brandon Cornelius, Cole Duncan, Mike Miller64
4.5%AustraliaFlag Luke Bowey, Marty Perovich, Stuart Williams3

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 Lernerville Speedway - 410 Sprintcars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Albrecht, AndrewFlag n/a10000
Anderson, AdamFlag n/a70000
Bauer, ToddFlag n/a20000
Best, ChrisFlag n/a30000
Blaney, DaleFlag 48 y/o11101
Bowey, LukeFlag n/a20000
Bowser, CarlFlag 25 y/o131202
Cornelius, BrandonFlag n/a10000
Cornelius, CharlieFlag n/a20000
Dougherty, SkipFlag 47 y/o10000
Duncan, ColeFlag n/a00000
Dunn, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Eash, BillyFlag n/a10000
Ellenberger, BrianFlag 46 y/o93402
George, RodFlag 52 y/o121502
Good, CoryFlag n/a10000
Haudenschild, SheldonFlag 18 y/o10000
Henry, CapFlag 21 y/o10000
Holtgraver, DannyFlag 22 y/o73702
Howard, BobFlag n/a30000
Jones, C.J.Flag n/a20000
Jones, DaveyFlag n/a20000
Jones Jr, BillFlag n/a20000
Kekich, AdamFlag 19 y/o20000
Kiley, BillFlag n/a110000
Kuriger, DanFlag n/a70001
Landram, PeteFlag n/a70000
Light, JimmyFlag 28 y/o10000
Lynch III, EdFlag n/a10000
Lynch Jr, EdFlag 56 y/o20001
Matus, BrandonFlag 17 y/o140000
Matus, BrentFlag 43 y/o130000
McCracken Jr, JohnFlag n/a20000
McKisson, AndyFlag n/a70100
McMillin, BobFlag n/a120000
Miller, AdamFlag n/a40000
Miller, MikeFlag n/a10000
Miller III, PeteFlag n/a81300
Morris III, JimFlag n/a10000
Moss, LanceFlag n/a00000
Mumaw, DannyFlag n/a10100
Neumeister, EdFlag n/a10000
Perovich, MartyFlag 34 y/o10000
Philo, TravisFlag 21 y/o10000
Priest, AndyFlag n/a30000
Priester, ScottFlag n/a100100
Rankin, BobbiFlag n/a60000
Rankin, GaryFlag 50 y/o40000
Rankin, SheilaFlag 44 y/o70000
Ruth, GaleFlag n/a50000
Ruth Jr, GaleFlag n/a30000
Schaeffer, KevinFlag 33 y/o131601
Schwien, JustinFlag n/a20000
Seger, JimmyFlag 42 y/o10000
Sesco, FrancisFlag 40 y/o10000
Smith, DannyFlag 55 y/o10100
Smith, DavidFlag n/a10000
Sodeman Jr, JackFlag 35 y/o122401
Spithaler, BrandonFlag 20 y/o90000
Steinman, BrianFlag n/a90000
Stimeling, DarylFlag 46 y/o20000
Tutak Jr, WaltFlag n/a10000
Wagner, DennisFlag n/a40000
Whitesell, JustinFlag n/a10000
Whitmore, JackFlag n/a20000
Williams, EricFlag n/a141500
Williams, StuartFlag n/a10000
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