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Le Mans Classic - Jaguar Classic Challenge 2018 standings

Race results for Le Mans Classic - Jaguar Classic Challenge 2018

1.Flag Martin O'ConnellJaguar E-type
Pole position
2.Flag Marcus von Oeynhausen-SierstorpffJaguar E-type
Fastest lap
3.Flag Vincent GayeJaguar E-type
3.Flag Antony ReidJaguar E-type
4.Flag Carlos MonteverdeJaguar E-type
4.Flag Garry PearsonJaguar E-type
5.Flag Graeme DoddJaguar E-type
5.Flag James DoddJaguar E-type
6.Flag John ClarkJaguar E-type
6.Flag Andrew SmithJaguar E-type
7.Flag Simon ButlerJaguar E-type
7.Flag Martin RichJaguar E-type
8.Flag Nick RileyJaguar E-type
8.Flag Ben ShortJaguar E-type
9.Flag Harry WyndhamJaguar E-type
10.Flag Michael CostasJaguar E-type
11.Flag Kallum GrayJaguar E-type
11.Flag Michael GrayJaguar E-type
12.Flag Mark DonnorJaguar E-type
13.Flag Jean-Christophe BertaJaguar E-type
14.Flag Ghislain BorrellyJaguar E-type
14.Flag Charles de VillaucourtJaguar E-type
15.Flag Alan BullJaguar E-type
15.Flag Grahame BullJaguar E-type
16.Flag Jamie BootJaguar E-type
17.Flag Andrew KirkaldyJaguar E-type
17.Flag Sandy WatsonJaguar E-type
18.Flag Mark RussellJaguar E-type
19.Flag Read GommJaguar E-type
20.Flag Bob BinfieldJaguar E-type
21.Flag Tom HarrisJaguar E-type
22.Flag John BurtonJaguar XK120
23.Flag Christopher BallJaguar D-type
23.Flag Nick BallJaguar D-type
24.Flag John PearsonJaguar D-type
25.Flag Marc GordonJaguar XK150 S
26.Flag Carlos BarbosaJaguar E-type
26.Flag Miguel BarbosaJaguar E-type
27.Flag Jack YoungJaguar Mk.I
28.Flag Serge CozzolinoJaguar E-type
29.Flag Jean-François RenaultJaguar E-type
29.Flag Richard RenaultJaguar E-type
30.Flag Nigel WebbJaguar Mk.I
31.Flag Female Katarina KyvalovaJaguar E-type
32.Flag Paul KennellyJaguar XK150 S
33.Flag Paul CastaldiniJaguar E-type
34.Flag Joe MacariJaguar D-type
35.Flag Martin MellingJaguar E-type
36.Flag Paul Chase-GardenerJaguar XK140 SE
36.Flag Simon JonesJaguar XK140 SE
37.Flag Robert FrancisJaguar XK120
37.Flag John ThompsonJaguar XK120
38.Flag Christopher Keith-LucasJaguar XK150 S
38.Flag Female Claire Keith-LucasJaguar XK150 S
39.Flag Glenn PearsonJaguar Mk.I
40.Flag Roger CopeJaguar Mk.I
41.Flag Stéphane DarracqJaguar E-type
42.Flag Tom LenthallJaguar Mk.II
42.Flag Derek PearceJaguar Mk.II
43.Flag Female Diane OsborneJaguar Mk.I
43.Flag Stephen RadcliffeJaguar Mk.I
44.Flag Peter HallfordJaguar XK140
45.Flag Simon SeathJaguar Mk.I
46.Flag Diego RibadeneiraJaguar Mk.II
46.Flag Kerry WilsonJaguar Mk.II
Flag Charlie BrownJaguar C-type
Flag John BrownJaguar C-type
Flag Myles CastaldiniJaguar E-type
Flag John ClelandJaguar E-type
Flag José Da RochaJaguar E-type
Flag Ian DalglishJaguar E-type
Flag Harindra de SilvaJaguar E-type
Flag Timothy de SilvaJaguar E-type
Flag Mike DowdJaguar Mk.I
Flag Benjamin EastickJaguar D-type
Flag Les ElyJaguar E-type
Flag Robert FarrellJaguar E-type
Flag Nicholas FinburghAlton Jaguar
Flag Robert GateJaguar E-type
Flag Mikael LokJaguar E-type
Flag Michael LyonsJaguar E-type
Flag Régis MassonJaguar Mk.II
Flag Fabrice MestrotJaguar E-type
Flag Tim MogridgeJaguar E-type
Flag Andrew MooreJaguar XK150 S
Flag Simon NobiliJaguar Mk.II
Flag Robin PinchbeckJaguar XK150 S
Flag Robert SalisburyJaguar Mk.I
Flag Martin StrettonJaguar E-type
Flag Sam ThomasJaguar E-type
Flag James TurnerJaguar E-type
Flag Neil WoodJaguar E-type
Flag John YoungJaguar D-type
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