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Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2014 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2014

1.Flag Simon DolanJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
1.Flag Harry TincknellJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
1.Flag Oliver TurveyJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
2.Flag Ludovic BadeyThiriet by TDS RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
2.Flag Tristan GommendyThiriet by TDS RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
Pole position
2.Flag Pierre ThirietThiriet by TDS RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
3.Flag Paul-Loup ChatinSignatech AlpineAlpine A450b (Nissan)
3.Flag Nelson PanciaticiSignatech AlpineAlpine A450b (Nissan)
Fastest lap
3.Flag Oliver WebbSignatech AlpineAlpine A450b (Nissan)
4.Flag Vincent CapillaireSebastien Loeb RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
4.Flag Jan CharouzSebastien Loeb RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
4.Flag René RastSebastien Loeb RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
5.Flag Alex BrundleOak RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
5.Flag Jann MardenboroughOak RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
5.Flag Mark ShulzhitskiyOak RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
6.Flag Romain BrandelaNewblood by Morand RacingMorgan (Judd)
6.Flag Gary HirschNewblood by Morand RacingLigier JS P2 (Nissan)
6.Flag Christian KlienNewblood by Morand RacingMorgan (Judd)
7.Flag David ChengOak Racing - Team AsiaLigier JS P2 (HPD)
7.Flag Adderly FongOak Racing - Team AsiaLigier JS P2 (HPD)
7.Flag Ho-Pin TungOak Racing - Team AsiaLigier JS P2 (HPD)
8.Flag Michel FreyRace PerformanceOreca 03R (Judd)
8.Flag Jon LancasterRace PerformanceOreca 03R (Judd)
8.Flag Franck MailleuxRace PerformanceOreca 03R (Judd)
9.Flag Female Keiko IharaLarbre CompetitionMorgan (Judd)
9.Flag Pierre RaguesLarbre CompetitionMorgan (Judd)
9.Flag Ricky TaylorLarbre CompetitionMorgan (Judd)
10.Flag Nicolas LeutwilerPegasus RacingMorgan (Nissan)
10.Flag Léo RousselPegasus RacingMorgan (Nissan)
10.Flag Julien SchellPegasus RacingMorgan (Nissan)
11.Flag Chris DysonCaterham RacingZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
11.Flag Tom Kimber-SmithCaterham RacingZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
11.Flag Matthew McMurryCaterham RacingZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
12.Flag Anton LadyginSMP RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
12.Flag Mika SaloSpeed FactoryOreca 03R (Nissan)
12.Flag Sergey ZlobinSMP RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Nathanaël BerthonMurphy PrototypesOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Richard BradleyKCMGOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Julien CanalG-Drive RacingMorgan (Nissan)
Flag Karun ChandhokMurphy PrototypesOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Rodolfo GonzálezMurphy PrototypesOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Matt HowsonKCMGOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Alexandre ImperatoriKCMGOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Kirill LadyginSMP RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Alessandro LatifGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
Flag Maurizio MedianiSMP RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Nicolas MinassianSMP RacingOreca 03R (Nissan)
Flag Michael MunemannGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
Flag Olivier PlaG-Drive RacingMorgan (Nissan)
Flag Roman RusinovG-Drive RacingMorgan (Nissan)
Flag James WinslowGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
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