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Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2012 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2012

1.Flag Ryan DalzielStarworks MotorsportHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
1.Flag Tom Kimber-SmithStarworks MotorsportHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
1.Flag Vicente PotolicchioStarworks MotorsportHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
2.Flag Mathias BecheThiriet by TDS RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
2.Flag Pierre ThirietThiriet by TDS RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
2.Flag Christophe TinseauThiriet by TDS RacingOreca 3 (Nissan)
3.Flag Soheil AyariPecom RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
3.Flag Pierre KafferPecom RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
3.Flag Luis Perez CompancPecom RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
4.Flag Nelson PanciaticiSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
4.Flag Pierre RaguesSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
4.Flag Roman RusinovSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
5.Flag Ricardo GonzalezGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
5.Flag Elton JulianGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
5.Flag Christian ZügelGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
6.Flag Jan CharouzADR DeltaOreca 03 (Nissan)
Fastest lap
6.Flag Tor GravesADR DeltaOreca 03 (Nissan)
6.Flag John MartinADR DeltaOreca 03 (Nissan)
Pole position
7.Flag David Heinemeier HanssonOAK RacingMorgan LMP2 (Nissan)
7.Flag Bas LeindersOAK RacingMorgan LMP2 (Nissan)
7.Flag Maxime MartinOAK RacingMorgan LMP2 (Nissan)
8.Flag Alex BrundleGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
8.Flag Martin BrundleGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
8.Flag Lucas OrdoñezGreaves MotorsportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
9.Flag Olivier LombardSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
9.Flag Franck MailleuxSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
9.Flag Jordan TressonSignatech NissanOreca 03 (Nissan)
10.Flag Bastien BrièreBoutsen Ginion RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
10.Flag Shinji NakanoBoutsen Ginion RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
10.Flag Jens PetersenBoutsen Ginion RacingOreca 03 (Nissan)
11.Flag Michel FreyRace PerformanceOreca 03 (Judd)
11.Flag Jonathan HirschiRace PerformanceOreca 03 (Judd)
11.Flag Ralph MeichtryRace PerformanceOreca 03 (Judd)
12.Flag Philippe HaezebrouckExtrême Limite AricNorma M200P (Judd)
12.Flag Fabien RosierExtrême Limite AricNorma M200P (Judd)
12.Flag Philippe ThirionExtrême Limite AricNorma M200P (Judd)
Flag Ludovic BadeyGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Christophe BouchutLevel 5 MotorsportsHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
Flag Yelmer BuurmanStatus Grand PrixLola B12/80 (Judd)
Flag Jean-Denis DelétrazGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Luis DíazLevel 5 MotorsportsHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
Flag Simon DolanJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
Flag Jody FirthMurphy PrototypesOreca 03 (Nissan)
Flag Fabien GiroixGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Sam HancockJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
Flag Brendon HartleyMurphy PrototypesOreca 03 (Nissan)
Flag Thomas HolzerLotusLola B12/80 (Lotus)
Flag Warren HughesMurphy PrototypesOreca 03 (Nissan)
Flag Romain IanettaStatus Grand PrixLola B12/80 (Judd)
Flag Female Keiko IharaGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Stefan JohanssonGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Haruki KurosawaJota SportZytek Z11SN (Nissan)
Flag Matthieu LahayeOAK RacingMorgan (Judd)
Flag Luca MoroLotusLola B12/80 (Lotus)
Flag Jacques NicoletOAK RacingMorgan (Judd)
Flag Olivier PlaOAK RacingMorgan (Judd)
Flag Marc RostanGulf Racing Middle EastLola B12/80 (Nissan)
Flag Mirco SchultisLotusLola B12/80 (Lotus)
Flag Alexander SimsStatus Grand PrixLola B12/80 (Judd)
Flag Scott TuckerLevel 5 MotorsportsHPD ARX-03B (Honda)
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