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78th 24 Hours of Le Mans LMP2 class 2010 standings

Race results for 78th 24 Hours of Le Mans LMP2 class 2010

1.Flag Jonny KaneStrakka RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
1.Flag Nick LeventisStrakka RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
1.Flag Danny WattsStrakka RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Jan CharouzOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
2.Flag Matthieu LahayeOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
2.Flag Guillaume MoreauOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
3.Flag Thomas ErdosRMLLola B08/80Honda 3.4Dunlop
3.Flag Mike NewtonRMLLola B08/80Honda 3.4Dunlop
3.Flag Andy WallaceRMLLola B08/80Honda 3.4Dunlop
4.Flag Richard HeinOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
4.Flag Jacques NicoletOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
4.Flag Jean-Francois YvonOak RacingPescarolo 01Judd 3.4Dunlop
5.Flag Gary ChalandonTeam BruichladdichGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Dunlop
5.Flag Tim GreavesTeam BruichladdichGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Dunlop
5.Flag Karim OjjehTeam BruichladdichGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Dunlop
6.Flag Pierre BruneauRace PerformanceRadical SR9Judd 3.4Dunlop
6.Flag Ralph MeichtryRace PerformanceRadical SR9Judd 3.4Dunlop
6.Flag Marc RostanRace PerformanceRadical SR9Judd 3.4Dunlop
7.Flag Miguel AmaralQuifel - ASM TeamGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Michelin
7.Flag Warren HughesQuifel - ASM TeamGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Michelin
7.Flag Olivier PlaQuifel - ASM TeamGinetta-Zytek GZ09S/2Zytek 3.4Michelin
8.Flag Tristan GommendyGerard WelterWR LMP2008Zytek 3.4Dunlop
8.Flag Philippe SaliniGerard WelterWR LMP2008Zytek 3.4Dunlop
8.Flag Stéphane SaliniGerard WelterWR LMP2008Zytek 3.4Dunlop
9.Flag David BrabhamHighcroft RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
9.Flag Marino FranchittiHighcroft RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
9.Flag Marco WernerHighcroft RacingHPD ARX-01CHonda 3.4Michelin
Flag Marco CiociRacing BoxLola B08/80Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Frédéric Da RochaPegasus RacingNorma M200PJudd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Jean de PourtalesKSMLola B07/40Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Jonathan KennardKSMLola B07/40Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Hideki NodaKSMLola B07/40Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Piergiuseppe PerazziniRacing BoxLola B08/80Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Luca Pirri ArdizzoneRacing BoxLola B08/80Judd 3.4Dunlop
Flag Julien SchellPegasus RacingNorma M200PJudd 3.4Dunlop
Flag David ZollingerPegasus RacingNorma M200PJudd 3.4Dunlop
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