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Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2005 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - LMP2 class 2005

1.Flag Thomas ErdosRMLMG Lola EX264 (MG Judd)
1.Flag Warren HughesRMLMG Lola EX264 (MG Judd)
1.Flag Mike NewtonRMLMG Lola EX264 (MG Judd)
2.Flag Claude-Yves GosselinPaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (Ford AER)
2.Flag Karim OjjehPaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (Ford AER)
2.Flag Adam SharpePaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (Ford AER)
3.Flag Didier AndréPaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (AER)
3.Flag Paul BelmondoPaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (Ford AER)
3.Flag Rick SutherlandPaul Belmondo RacingCourage C65 (Ford AER)
4.Flag Phil BennettKruse MotorsportCourage C65 (Judd)
4.Flag Ian MitchellKruse MotorsportCourage C65 (Judd)
4.Flag Tim MullenKruse MotorsportCourage C65 (Judd)
5.Flag William BinnieRachel WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
5.Flag Patrice RousselRachel WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
5.Flag Yojiro TeradaRachel WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
Flag Ni AmorimNoël del BelloCourage C65 (CG Mecachrome)
Flag Juan BaraziIntersport RacingCourage C65 (AER)
Flag Bob BerridgeChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Sylvain BoulayGérard WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
Flag Jean-Bernard BouvetGérard WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
Flag Bastien BrièreIntersport RacingCourage C65 (AER)
Flag Pierre BruneauPir CompetitionPilbeam MP93 (JPX)
Flag Gareth EvansChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Gregor FiskenIntersport RacingLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Philippe HaezebrouckPir CompetitionPilbeam MP93 (JPX)
Flag Franck HahnG-Force RacingCourage C65 (Judd)
Flag Female Liz HallidayIntersport RacingLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Sam HancockIntersport RacingLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Val HillebrandG-Force RacingCourage C65 (Judd)
Flag Romain IannettaNoël del BelloCourage C65 (CG Mecachrome)
Flag Ian JamesMiracle MotorsportsCourage C65 (AER)
Flag Robert JulienGérard WelterWR LMP04 (Peugeot)
Flag Andy LallyMiracle MotorsportsCourage C65 (AER)
Flag John MacalusoMiracle MotorsportsCourage C65 (AER)
Flag Peter OwenChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B05/40 (AER)
Flag Gavin PickeringG-Force RacingCourage C65 (Judd)
Flag Christophe PillonNoël del BelloCourage C65 (CG Mecachrome)
Flag Marc RostanPir CompetitionPilbeam MP93 (JPX)
Flag Sergey ZlobinIntersport RacingCourage C65 (AER)
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