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Le Mans 24h - LMP1 class 2008 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - LMP1 class 2008

1.Flag Rinaldo CapelloAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
1.Flag Tom KristensenAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
1.Flag Allan McNishAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
2.Flag Marc GenéTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
2.Flag Nicolas MinassianTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
2.Flag Jacques VilleneuveTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
3.Flag Christian KlienPeugeot Sport TotalPeugeot 908
3.Flag Franck MontagnyPeugeot Sport TotalPeugeot 908
3.Flag Ricardo ZontaPeugeot Sport TotalPeugeot 908
4.Flag Lucas LuhrAudi Sport Team JoestAudi R10
4.Flag Alexandre PrématAudi Sport Team JoestAudi R10
4.Flag Mike RockenfellerAudi Sport Team JoestAudi R10
5.Flag Pedro LamyTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
Pole position
5.Flag Stephane SarrazinTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
Pole position
5.Flag Alexander WurzTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 908
Pole position
6.Flag Frank BielaAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
6.Flag Emanuele PirroAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
6.Flag Marco WernerAudi Sport North AmericaAudi R10
7.Flag Harold PrimatPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
7.Flag Christophe TinseauPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
7.Flag Benoît TréluyerPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
8.Flag Soheil AyariTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
8.Flag Loïc DuvalTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
8.Flag Laurent GroppiTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
9.Flag Jan CharouzCharouz Racing SystemLola (Aston Martin)
9.Flag Tomas EngeCharouz Racing SystemLola (Aston Martin)
9.Flag Stefan MückeCharouz Racing SystemLola (Aston Martin)
10.Flag João BarbosaRollcentre RacingPescarolo (Judd)
10.Flag Stéphane GrégoireRollcentre RacingPescarolo (Judd)
10.Flag Female Vanina IckxRollcentre RacingPescarolo (Judd)
11.Flag Marc GoossensCreation AutosportifCreation CA07 (AIM)
11.Flag Stuart HallCreation AutosportifCreation CA07 (AIM)
11.Flag Johnny MowlemCreation AutosportifCreation CA07 (AIM)
12.Flag Marc FaggionatoSaulnier RacingPescarolo (Judd)
12.Flag Richard HeinSaulnier RacingPescarolo (Judd)
12.Flag Jacques NicoletSaulnier RacingPescarolo (Judd)
13.Flag Daisuke ItoDome Racing TeamDome S102 (Judd)
13.Flag Tatsuya KataokaDome Racing TeamDome S102 (Judd)
13.Flag Yuji TachikawaDome Racing TeamDome S102 (Judd)
14.Flag Hiroki KatohTerramosCourage (Mugen)
14.Flag Kazuho TakahashiTerramosCourage (Mugen)
14.Flag Yojiro TeradaTerramosCourage (Mugen)
Flag Bob BerridgeChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B06-10 (AER)
Flag Jean-Christophe BoullionPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
Flag Angel BurgueñoEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Emmanuel CollardPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
Flag Miguel Ángel de CastroEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Romain DumasPescarolo SportPescarolo (Judd)
Flag Gareth EvansChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B06-10 (AER)
Flag Marcel FässlerTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
Flag Jean-Marc GounonEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Klaus GrafCharouz Racing SystemLola (Judd)
Flag Stefan JohanssonEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Masami KageyamaTokai University - YGK PowerCourage-ORECA (YGK)
Flag Haruki KurosawaTokai University - YGK PowerCourage-ORECA (YGK)
Flag Jan LammersCharouz Racing SystemLola (Judd)
Flag Michael LewisAutoconCreation (Judd)
Flag Chris McMurryAutoconCreation (Judd)
Flag Shinji NakanoEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Simon PagenaudTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
Flag Olivier PanisTeam ORECA MatmutCourage-ORECA (Judd)
Flag Greg PickettCharouz Racing SystemLola (Judd)
Flag Female Amanda StrettonChamberlain - Synergy MotorsportLola B06-10 (AER)
Flag Toshio SuzukiTokai University - YGK PowerCourage-ORECA (YGK)
Flag Adrián VallésEpsilon EuskadiEpsilon Euskadi (Judd)
Flag Bryan WillmanAutoconCreation (Judd)
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