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Le Mans 24h - LMP1 class 2005 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - LMP1 class 2005

1.Flag Jyrki JärvilehtoADT Champion RacingAudi R8
1.Flag Tom KristensenADT Champion RacingAudi R8
1.Flag Marco WernerADT Champion RacingAudi R8
2.Flag Jean-Christophe BoullionPescarolo SportPescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
Fastest lap
2.Flag Emmanuel CollardPescarolo Sport Pescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
Pole position
2.Flag Erik ComasPescarolo SportPescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
3.Flag Frank BielaADT Champion RacingAudi R8
3.Flag Allan McNishADT Champion RacingAudi R8
3.Flag Emanuele PirroADT Champion RacingAudi R8
4.Flag Jean-Marc GounonAudi Playstation Team ORECAAudi R8
4.Flag Franck MontagnyAudi Playstation Team ORECAAudi R8
4.Flag Stéphane OrtelliAudi Playstation Team ORECAAudi R8
5.Flag John BoschRacing for HollandDome S101 (Judd)
5.Flag Elton JulianRacing for HollandDome S101 (Judd)
5.Flag Jan LammersRacing for HollandDome S101 (Judd)
6.Flag Alexander FreiCourage CompetitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
6.Flag Dominik SchwagerCourage CompetitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
6.Flag Christian VannCourage CompetitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
7.Flag Jamie Campbell-WalterCreation AutosportifDBA 03S (Judd)
7.Flag Nicolas MinassianCreation AutosportifDBA 03S (Judd)
7.Flag Andy WallaceCreation AutosportifDBA 03S (Judd)
8.Flag João BarbosaRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Judd)
8.Flag Female Vanina IckxRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Judd)
8.Flag Martin ShortRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Judd)
9.Flag Sam HignettTeam Jota - Zytek EngineeringZytek 04S ZG348
9.Flag Haruki KurosawaTeam Jota - Zytek EngineeringZytek 04S ZG348
9.Flag John StackTeam Jota - Zytek EngineeringZytek 04S ZG348
Flag Seiji AraJim Gainer InternationalDome S101 (Mugen)
Flag Soheil AyariPescarolo SportPescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Jonathan CochetCourage CompétitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Eric HélaryPescarolo SportPescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Bruce JouannyCourage CompétitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Katsutomo KaneishiJim Gainer InternationalDome S101 (Mugen)
Flag Michael KrummRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Nissan)
Flag Sébastien LoebPescarolo SportPescarolo C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Ryo MichigamiJim Gainer InternationalDome S101 (Mugen)
Flag Shinji NakanoCourage CompétitionCourage C60 Hybride (Judd)
Flag Harold PrimatRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Nissan)
Flag Bobby Verdon-RoeRollcentre RacingDallara LMP (Nissan)
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