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Le Mans 24h - S 5.0 1970 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - S 5.0 1970

1.Flag Richard AttwoodPorsche KG SalzburgPorsche 917K
1.Flag Hans HerrmannPorsche KG SalzburgPorsche 917K
2.Flag Willi KauhsenMartini International RacingPorsche 917LH
2.Flag Gérard LarrousseMartini International RacingPorsche 917LH
3.Flag Ronnie BucknumNorth American Racing TeamFerrari 512S
3.Flag Sam PoseyNorth American Racing TeamFerrari 512S
4.Flag Hugues de FierlantEcurie FrancorchampsFerrari 512S
4.Flag Alistair WalkerEcurie FrancorchampsFerrari 512S
5.Flag Kurt Ahrens Jr.Porsche KG SalzburgPorsche 917LH
Pole position
5.Flag Vic ElfordPorsche KG SalzburgPorsche 917LH
Fastest lap
6.Flag Juan FernandezEscuderia MontjuichFerrari 512S
6.Flag José Maria JuncadellaEscuderia MontjuichFerrari 512S
7.Flag Brian RedmanJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
7.Flag Jo SiffertJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
8.Flag Jacky IckxSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
8.Flag Peter SchettySpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
9.Flag David PiperTeam AAWPorsche 917K
9.Flag Gijs van LennepTeam AAWPorsche 917K
10.Flag Corrado ManfrediniScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
10.Flag Giampiero MorettiScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
11.Flag Gustave GosselinRacing Team VDSLola T70 Mk 3B (Chevrolet)
11.Flag Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSLola T70 Mk 3B (Chevrolet)
12.Flag Helmut KellenersNorth American Racing TeamFerrari 512S
12.Flag Georg LoosNorth American Racing TeamFerrari 512S
13.Flag Mike HailwoodJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
13.Flag David HobbsJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
14.Flag Derek BellSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
14.Flag Ronnie PetersonSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
15.Flag Arturo MerzarioSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
15.Flag Clay RegazzoniSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
16.Flag Herbert MüllerScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
16.Flag Mike ParkesScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
17.Flag Jo BonnierScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
17.Flag Reine WisellScuderia FilipinettiFerrari 512S
18.Flag Leo KinnunenJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
18.Flag Pedro RodriguezJohn Wyer Automotive EngineeringPorsche 917K
19.Flag Ignazio GiuntiSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
19.Flag Nino VaccarellaSpA Ferrari SEFACFerrari 512S
Flag Terrence Stephen McQueenJohn Wyer AutomotivePorsche 917
Flag Dieter SpoerryPorsche KG SalzburgPorsche 917K
Flag Rico SteinemannPorsche KG SalzbergPorsche 917K
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