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Le Mans 24h - C2 class 1990 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - C2 class 1990

1.Flag Olindo IacobelliPC AutomotiveSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
1.Flag Richard PiperPC AutomotiveSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
1.Flag Mike YoulesPC AutomotiveSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
2.Flag Jean-Philippe GrandGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
2.Flag Xavier LapeyreGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
2.Flag Michel MaisonneuveGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
3.Flag Ross HyettTeam MakoSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
3.Flag James SheadTeam MakoSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
3.Flag Robbie StirlingTeam MakoSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
4.Flag Stephen HynesGP MotorsportSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
4.Flag Richard JonesGP MotorsportSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
4.Flag Dudley WoodGP MotorsportSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
5.Flag Alistair FenwickGP MotorsportTiga GC288 (Ford Cosworth)
5.Flag Alex PostanGP MotorsportTiga GC288 (Ford Cosworth)
5.Flag Craig SimmissGP MotorsportTiga GC288 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Philippe de HenningChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Ferdinand de LessepsPierre-Alain LombardiSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Robin DonovanChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Philippe FarjonChereauCougar C20B (Porsche)
Flag Ian HarrowerADA EngineeringADA 02 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Jacques HeuclinAutomobiles Louis DescartesALD C289 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Pierre-Alain LombardiPierre-Alain LombardiSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Jerry MahoneyADA EngineeringADA 02 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Jean MessaoudiChereauCougar C20B (Porsche)
Flag François MigaultAutomobiles Louis DescartesALD C289 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Denis MorinPierre-Alain LombardiSpice SE87C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag John SheldonADA EngineeringADA 02 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Gérard TremblayAutomobiles Louis DescartesALD C289 (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Charles ZwolsmanChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
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