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Le Mans 24h - C1 class 1993 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - C1 class 1993

1.Flag Christophe BouchutPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
1.Flag Geoff BrabhamPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
1.Flag Eric HélaryPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
2.Flag Thierry BoutsenPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
2.Flag Yannick DalmasPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
2.Flag Teodorico FabiPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
3.Flag Philippe AlliotPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
Pole position
3.Flag Mauro BaldiPeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
3.Flag Jean-Pierre JabouillePeugeot Talbot SportPeugeot 905B
4.Flag Eddie IrvineToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
4.Flag Masanori SekiyaToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
Fastest lap
4.Flag Toshio SuzukiToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
5.Flag Mauro MartiniToyota Team SARDToyota 92 C-V
5.Flag Naoki NagasakaToyota Team Tom'sToyota 92 C-V
5.Flag Roland RatzenbergerToyota Team SARDToyota 92 C-V
6.Flag Steven AndskärTrust EngineeringToyota 92 C-V
6.Flag Eje ElghTrust EngineeringToyota 92 C-V
6.Flag George FouchéTrust EngineeringToyota 92 C-V
7.Flag Otto AltenbachObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
7.Flag Loris KesselObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
7.Flag Jürgen OppermannObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
8.Flag Juan Manuel Fangio IIToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
8.Flag Jan LammersToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
8.Flag Geoff LeesToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
9.Flag Ronny MeixnerJoest RacingPorsche 962C
9.Flag Henri PescaroloJoest RacingPorsche 962C
9.Flag Bob WollekJoest RacingPorsche 962C
10.Flag Derek BellCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
10.Flag Pascal FabreCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
10.Flag Lionel RobertCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
11.Flag Jean-Louis RicciCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
11.Flag Pierre YverCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
11.Flag Jean-Francois YvonCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
12.Flag Giovanni LavaggiPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
12.Flag Jürgen LässigPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
12.Flag Wayne TaylorPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
13.Flag Andy EvansPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
13.Flag François MigaultPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
13.Flag Tomas SaldanaPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
14.Flag Didier CaradecTeam Guy ChotardPorsche 962C
14.Flag Denis MorinTeam Guy ChotardPorsche 962C
14.Flag Alain SturmTeam Guy ChotardPorsche 962C
15.Flag Richard BalandrasGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
15.Flag Jean-Bernard BouvetGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
15.Flag Bruno MiotGraff RacingSpice SE88C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Kenny AchesonToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
Flag Nick AdamsChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Roland BassalerRoland BassalerSauber SHS C6 (BMW)
Flag Patrick BourdaisRoland BassalerSauber SHS C6 (BMW)
Flag Jean-Louis CapetteRoland BassalerSauber SHS C6 (BMW)
Flag Almo CoppelliPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
Flag Robin DonovanPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
Flag Steve FossettPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
Flag Alessandro GiniCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
Flag Frank JelinskiJoest RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Louis KragesJoest RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Carlos MoranCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
Flag Andy PeteryChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Pierre-Henri RaphanelToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
Flag Hervé RegoutChamberlain EngineeringSpice SE89C (Ford Cosworth)
Flag Manuel ReuterJoest RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Andy WallaceToyota Team Tom'sToyota TS010
Flag Female Tomiko YoshikawaCourage CompétitionCourage C30 LM (Porsche)
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