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Le Mans 24h - C1 class 1990 standings

Race results for Le Mans 24h - C1 class 1990

1.Flag Martin BrundleSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
1.Flag Price CobbSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
1.Flag John NielsenSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
2.Flag Franz KonradSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
2.Flag Jan LammersSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
2.Flag Andy WallaceSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
3.Flag Tiff NeedellAlpha RacingPorsche 962C
3.Flag Antony ReidAlpha RacingPorsche 962C
3.Flag David SearsAlpha RacingPorsche 962C
4.Flag Derek BellJoest RacingPorsche 962C
4.Flag Frank JelinskiJoest RacingPorsche 962C
4.Flag Hans-Joachim StuckJoest RacingPorsche 962C
5.Flag Masahiro HasemiNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CP
5.Flag Kazuyoshi HoshinoNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CP
5.Flag Toshio SuzukiNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CP
6.Flag Geoff LeesToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90C-V
6.Flag Hitoshi OgawaToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90C-V
6.Flag Masanori SekiyaToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90C-V
7.Flag Pascal FabreCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
7.Flag Lionel RobertCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
7.Flag Michel TrolléCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
8.Flag Stanley DickensJoest RacingPorsche 962C
8.Flag Louis KragesJoest RacingPorsche 962C
8.Flag Bob WollekJoest RacingPorsche 962C
9.Flag Otto AltenbachObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
9.Flag Jürgen LässigObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
9.Flag Pierre YverObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
10.Flag Harald HuysmanBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
10.Flag Bernard SantalBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
10.Flag Massimo SigalaBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
11.Flag Allen BergItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962C
11.Flag Bruno GiacomelliItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962C
11.Flag John WatsonItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962C
12.Flag Hurley HaywoodTakefuji-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
12.Flag Rickard RydellTakefuji-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
12.Flag Wayne TaylorTakefuji-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
13.Flag Steven AndskärTrust EngineeringPorsche 962C
13.Flag George FouchéTrust EngineeringPorsche 962C
13.Flag Shunji KasuyaTrust EngineeringPorsche 962C
14.Flag Jacques LaffiteJoest RacingPorsche 962C
14.Flag Henri PescaroloJoest RacingPorsche 962C
14.Flag Jean-Louis RicciJoest RacingPorsche 962C
15.Flag Thomas DanielssonOmron-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
15.Flag Eje ElghOmron-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
15.Flag Tomas MezeraOmron-Team SchuppanPorsche 962C
16.Flag Philippe AlliotPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962CK6
16.Flag Bernard de DryverPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962CK6
16.Flag Patrick GoninPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962CK6
17.Flag Bob EarlNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
17.Flag Steve MillenNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Fastest lap
17.Flag Michael RoeNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
18.Flag Tim HarveySpice EngineeringSpice SE90C (Ford Cosworth)
18.Flag Chris HodgettsSpice EngineeringSpice SE90C (Ford Cosworth)
18.Flag Fermín VélezSpice EngineeringSpice SE90C (Ford Cosworth)
19.Flag Max Cohen-OlivarTeam DaveyPorsche 962C
19.Flag Giovanni LavaggiTeam DaveyPorsche 962C
19.Flag Tim Lee-DaveyTeam DaveyPorsche 962C
20.Flag Alain CudiniCourage CompétitionNissan R 90CP
20.Flag Costas LosCourage CompétitionNissan R 90CP
20.Flag Hervé RegoutCourage CompétitionNissan R 90CP
21.Flag Hideki OkadaPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
21.Flag Kunimitsu TakahashiPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
21.Flag Sarel van der MerwePorsche Kremer RacingPorsche 962 CK6
22.Flag Katsunori IketaniTeam DaveyPorsche 962C
Flag Kenny AchesonNissan Motorsports EuropeNissan R 90CK
Flag Julian BaileyNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Flag Mark BlundellNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Pole position
Flag Geoff BrabhamNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Flag Gianfranco BrancatelliNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Flag Walter BrunBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
Flag Derek DalyNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Flag Martin DonnellyNissan Motorsport EuropeNissan R 90CK
Flag Marc DuezObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Johnny DumfriesToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90 C-V
Flag Alain FertéSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
Flag Michel FertéSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
Flag Harald GrohsObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Olivier GrouillardNissan Motorsport EuropeNissan R90 CK
Flag Andrew HepworthMussato Action CarLancia LC2-90
Flag Alain IannettaCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
Flag Davy JonesSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
Flag Jyrki JärvilehtoItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962 GTI
Flag Oscar LarrauriBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
Flag David LeslieSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
Flag Fabio MagnaniMussato Action CarLancia LC2-90
Flag Massimo MontiMussato Action CarLancia LC2-90
Flag Naoki NagasakaToyota Team SARDToyota 90 C-V
Flag Anders OlofssonLeMans CompanyNissan R89C
Flag Jürgen OppermannObermaier RacingPorsche 962C
Flag Jesús ParejaBrun MotorsportPorsche 962C
Flag Pascal PessiotCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
Flag Pierre-Henri RaphanelToyota Team SARDToyota 90 C-V
Flag Roland RatzenbergerToyota Team SARDToyota 90 C-V
Flag Roberto RavagliaToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90 C-V
Flag Manuel ReuterItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962 GTI
Flag Chip RobinsonNissan MotorsportNissan R 90CK
Flag Eliseo SalazarSilk Cut JaguarJaguar XJR-12
Flag Maurizio Sandro SalaLeMans CompanyNissan R89C
Flag Aguri SuzukiToyota Team Tom'sToyota 90 C-V
Flag Bernard ThunerCourage CompétitionCougar C24S (Porsche)
Flag Takao WadaLeMans CompanyNissan R89C
Flag James WeaverItalya Sport / Richard Lloyd RacingPorsche 962 GTI
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