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Knoxville Raceway Championship Cup 410 Sprint Series 1980 standings

Championship points standings for the Knoxville Raceway Championship Cup 410 Sprint Series 1980

Most race winsFlag Mike Brooks
Most podium positionsFlag Mike Brooks
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bob Hop

Nationality of participating drivers

98.8%U.S.A.Flag Mike Brooks, Randy Smith, Tom Corbin, Mike Pinckney, John Stevenson, Shane Carson, Jerry Potter, Bob Hop, Gary Scott, Lenard McCarl, Pat McKeehan, Roger Wright, Mike Thomas, Stacy Redmond, Mark Shaffer, Sonny Smyser, Adrian Zoutte, Dan Shearen, Mike Shafer, Al Murie, Ralph Blackett, Tim Deaver, John McCoy, Gary Gillette, Art Coons, Mackie Heimbaugh, Cliff Woodward, Roger Hurst, Ron Wiuff, Bill Robison, Chris Maurer, Ricky Weld, Gary Dunkle, Eddie Leavitt, Dale McCarty, Con Edwards, Galen Martin, Rich Brahmer, Al Unser, Jr., Bill Dollansky, Dennis Olson, Jim Goettsche, Ken Potter, Robert Houseman, Frankie Heimbaugh, Ron Williams, Curtis Evans, Dean Smith, Ed Grant, Tim Green, Jerry Miller, Cliff Koidahl, Steve Hainline, John Sernett, Terry Doss, Doug Toepper, Mike Sellberg, Jack Schostag, Spike Lempelius, Roger Lechtenberg, Bobby Marshall, Rex Howe, Jerry Richert Sr, Kelly Potter, Fred Knapp, Jimmy Sills, Doug Wolfgang, Terry Taggart, Ralph Parkinson, Jr., Mike Proffitt, Ken Biertzer, Tony Webster, Don Spieker, Duane Feduska, Dick Morris, Curt Grogan, Don Maxwell, Bob Geldner, Bill Mellenberndt, David Dwyer, Dean Erfurth81
1.2%CanadaFlag Lynn McIntosh1

Individual driver statistics for the 1980 Knoxville Raceway Championship Cup 410 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Biertzer, KenFlag n/a00000
Blackett, RalphFlag 38 y/o8000
Brahmer, RichFlag n/a8000
Brooks, MikeFlag 30 y/o136110
Carson, ShaneFlag 25 y/o1000
Coons, ArtFlag n/a13000
Corbin, TomFlag n/a9010
Deaver, TimFlag n/a9000
Dollansky, BillFlag 34 y/o3000
Doss, TerryFlag n/a3000
Dunkle, GaryFlag 29 y/o9000
Dwyer, DavidFlag n/a00000
Edwards, ConFlag n/a8000
Erfurth, DeanFlag 23 y/o00000
Evans, CurtisFlag n/a2000
Feduska, DuaneFlag n/a10000
Geldner, BobFlag n/a10000
Gillette, GaryFlag n/a20000
Goettsche, JimFlag n/a3000
Grant, EdFlag n/a2000
Green, TimFlag 24 y/o3130
Grogan, CurtFlag n/a10000
Hainline, SteveFlag n/a5000
Heimbaugh, FrankieFlag 3 y/o1000
Heimbaugh, MackieFlag 27 y/o8000
Hop, BobFlag n/a10040
Houseman, RobertFlag n/a5000
Howe, RexFlag n/a10000
Hurst, RogerFlag n/a10000
Knapp, FredFlag n/a10000
Koidahl, CliffFlag n/a5000
Leavitt, EddieFlag 37 y/o10380
Lechtenberg, RogerFlag n/a30000
Lempelius, SpikeFlag n/a30000
Marshall, BobbyFlag 27 y/o2000
Martin, GalenFlag n/a1000
Maurer, ChrisFlag n/a8000
Maxwell, DonFlag 35 y/o10000
McCarl, LenardFlag 41 y/o11000
McCarty, DaleFlag n/a5000
McCoy, JohnFlag n/a9000
McIntosh, LynnFlag n/a6000
McKeehan, PatFlag n/a2000
Mellenberndt, BillFlag 37 y/o10000
Miller, JerryFlag 42 y/o2000
Morris, DickFlag n/a10000
Murie, AlFlag n/a4000
Olson, DennisFlag n/a3000
Parkinson, Jr., RalphFlag n/a2000
Pinckney, MikeFlag n/a6000
Potter, JerryFlag n/a12000
Potter, KellyFlag n/a10000
Potter, KenFlag n/a7000
Proffitt, MikeFlag n/a10000
Redmond, StacyFlag n/a4000
Richert Sr, JerryFlag 47 y/o10000
Robison, BillFlag 33 y/o8010
Schostag, JackFlag n/a10000
Scott, GaryFlag n/a4000
Sellberg, MikeFlag n/a3000
Sernett, JohnFlag 24 y/o10000
Shafer, MikeFlag n/a2000
Shaffer, MarkFlag n/a9000
Shearen, DanFlag n/a3000
Sills, JimmyFlag 27 y/o3000
Smith, DeanFlag n/a40000
Smith, RandyFlag 25 y/o11230
Smyser, SonnyFlag n/a4000
Spieker, DonFlag n/a1000
Stevenson, JohnFlag n/a10170
Taggart, TerryFlag n/a10000
Thomas, MikeFlag n/a11000
Toepper, DougFlag n/a30000
Unser, Jr., AlFlag 18 y/o2010
Webster, TonyFlag n/a1000
Weld, RickyFlag 24 y/o00000
Williams, RonFlag n/a1000
Wiuff, RonFlag n/a7000
Wolfgang, DougFlag 27 y/o1000
Woodward, CliffFlag 38 y/o12000
Wright, RogerFlag n/a4000
Zoutte, AdrianFlag n/a10000
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