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61st Annual NOS Energy Drinks Knoxville 410 Sprintcar Nationals - Hard Knox night 2022 standings

Race results for 61st Annual NOS Energy Drinks Knoxville 410 Sprintcar Nationals - Hard Knox night 2022

1.Flag Rico AbreuRico Abreu RacingEMiHoosier
Fastest lap
2.Flag Kerry MadsenRoth MotorsportsHoosier
3.Flag Sheldon HaudenschildStenhouse Jr-Marshall RacingHoosier
4.Flag Brian BrownBrian Brown RacingMaximHoosier
5.Flag Anthony MacriMacri MotorsportsHoosier
6.Flag Spencer BaystonCJB MotorsportsHoosier
7.Flag Corey DayMeyers RacingHoosier
8.Flag Justin HendersonHoosier
9.Flag Brady BaconHoosier
10.Flag Dylan CisneyHoosier
11.Flag Brooke TatnellHoosier
12.Flag Sawyer PhillipsHoosier
13.Flag Terry McCarlT-Mac MotorsportsHoosier
14.Flag Brock ZearfossHoosier
15.Flag Kyle ReinhardtHoosier
16.Flag Female McKenna HaaseHoosier
17.Flag Sye LynchMosites MotorsportsHoosier
18.Flag Logan WagnerJohn ZemaitesHoosier
19.Flag Cale ThomasRudzik MotorsportsHoosier
20.Flag Cory EliasonBernie SteubgenHoosier
21.Flag Marcus DumesnyDumesny RacingMaximHoosier
22.Flag Brandon WimmerHoosier
23.Flag Hunter SchuerenbergVermeer MotorsportsHoosier
24.Flag Ayrton GennettenHoosier
Flag Bill BalogB2 MotorsportsHoosier
Flag Scott BoguckiHoosier
Flag Jake BubakHoosier
Flag Tanner CarrickCarrick MotorsportsHoosier
Flag Colby CopelandHoosier
Flag Roger CrockettHoosier
Flag Mark DobmeierHoosier
Flag Don Droud JrHoosier
Flag Tyler DruekeHoosier
Flag Clint GarnerHoosier
Flag Noah GassHoosier
Flag Skylar GeeLogan Fenton RacingHoosier
Flag Alan GilbertsonHoosier
Flag Jordan GoldesberryHoosier
Flag Shane GolobicMatt Wood RacingKPCHoosier
Flag Riley GoodnoHoosier
Flag Sam Hafertepe Jr.Hills RacingHoosier
Flag Derek HagarHoosier
Flag Blake HahnHoosier
Flag Zach HamptonHoosier
Flag Davey HeskinHoosier
Flag Rusty HickmanHoosier
Flag Kevin IngleHoosier
Flag Matt JuhlHoosier
Flag Chad KemenahSorokach MotorsportsHoosier
Flag Thomas KennedyHoosier
Flag Kraig KinserKinser RacingDRCHoosier
Flag Chris MartinHoosier
Flag Carson McCarlHoosier
Flag Lachlan McHughRacers for LifeHoosier
Flag Bobby MincerHoosier
Flag Robbie PriceSides MotorsportsHoosier
Flag Skylar ProchaskaHoosier
Flag Ryan RobertsHoosier
Flag Bill RoseBill Rose RacingHoosier
Flag Josh SchneidermanHoosier
Flag Dustin SelvageHoosier
Flag Carson ShortSnow RacingHoosier
Flag T.J. StuttsStutts RacingHoosier
Flag Sammy SwindellHoosier
Flag Scotty ThielHoosier
Flag Mike WagnerWagner RacingHoosier
Flag Matt WasmundHoosier
Flag Dylan WestbrookHills RacingHoosier
Flag Female Harli WhiteEd NeumisterHoosier
Flag Greg WilsonSeeling MotorsportsHoosier
Flag Chris WindomHaywood MotorsportsHoosier
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