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Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series 1994 standings

Championship points standings for the Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series 1994

Most race winsFlag Randy Martin
Most podium positionsFlag Randy Martin
Most podium positions without a winFlag Steve Breazeale
Flag Dwight Snodgrass
Flag Bruce Williams

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Bobby Mincer, Billy Engelhart, Duane van Heukelom, Jeff Haines, Steve Breazeale, Lee Nelson, Dwight Snodgrass, Scott Whitworth, Jerry Crabb, Steve Wares, Virgil Brandt, Archie Ergenbright, Jamie Passmore, Brett Golik, Bruce Williams, Jim Nichols, Bob Thompson, Jason Danley, Mike Twedt, Glen Passmore, Tom Lenz, Terry Alexander, Mark Swanson, Larry Pinegar II, Mike Thomas, Larry Weeks, Joe Rynearson, Marty Stephenson, Ed Rotert, Mitchell Alexander, Tim Deaver, Eddie Leavitt Jr, Bob Davis III, Bruce Drottz, Randy Martin, Billy Bell, Danny Young, George Austin III, Jeff Griffis, Kenny Williams, Curtis Thorson, Gary Moyer, Robert Bell, Don Anderson, John Greenwood, Larry Ball Jr, Bill Smith, Joe Boyles, Billy Dusenbery, Tony Moro, Mackie Heimbaugh, John Kearney, Mark Wilson, Walt Esch, Matt Stephenson, Ed Perryman, Chris Mallicoat, Tim Holzworth, Daniel Coggeshell, Tim Doogs, Tim St Arnold, Dean Brown, Dave Nederhoff, Jody Hahn, Jeff Whitehead, Tod Bishop, Eric Mason, Billy Ray Olson, Mike Trent, Lyle Sylvester70

Individual driver statistics for the 1994 Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alexander, MitchellFlag n/a100000
Alexander, TerryFlag n/a15010
Anderson, DonFlag 67 y/o40000
Austin III, GeorgeFlag n/a2010
Ball Jr, LarryFlag n/a40000
Bell, BillyFlag n/a2110
Bell, RobertFlag 31 y/o70000
Bishop, TodFlag n/a10000
Boyles, JoeFlag n/a10000
Brandt, VirgilFlag n/a11010
Breazeale, SteveFlag 32 y/o15030
Brown, DeanFlag n/a10000
Coggeshell, DanielFlag n/a1010
Crabb, JerryFlag 51 y/o130000
Danley, JasonFlag 22 y/o20000
Davis III, BobFlag n/a10000
Deaver, TimFlag n/a90000
Doogs, TimFlag n/a10000
Drottz, BruceFlag n/a11120
Dusenbery, BillyFlag n/a10000
Engelhart, BillyFlag 52 y/o30000
Ergenbright, ArchieFlag n/a50000
Esch, WaltFlag n/a70000
Golik, BrettFlag n/a140000
Greenwood, JohnFlag 49 y/o100000
Griffis, JeffFlag n/a10000
Hahn, JodyFlag n/a20000
Haines, JeffFlag n/a14020
Heimbaugh, MackieFlag 41 y/o30000
Holzworth, TimFlag n/a50000
Kearney, JohnFlag n/a10000
Leavitt Jr, EddieFlag 24 y/o130000
Lenz, TomFlag n/a150000
Mallicoat, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Martin, RandyFlag 33 y/o11690
Mason, EricFlag n/a20000
Mincer, BobbyFlag 28 y/o3010
Moro, TonyFlag n/a10000
Moyer, GaryFlag n/a40000
Nederhoff, DaveFlag n/a20000
Nelson, LeeFlag n/a15240
Nichols, JimFlag n/a150000
Olson, Billy RayFlag n/a20000
Passmore, GlenFlag n/a10000
Passmore, JamieFlag 18 y/o10000
Perryman, EdFlag n/a20000
Pinegar II, LarryFlag n/a14110
Rotert, EdFlag n/a50000
Rynearson, JoeFlag n/a80000
Smith, BillFlag n/a10000
Snodgrass, DwightFlag n/a15030
St Arnold, TimFlag n/a10000
Stephenson, MartyFlag n/a50000
Stephenson, MattFlag n/a30000
Swanson, MarkFlag n/a70000
Sylvester, LyleFlag n/a10000
Thomas, MikeFlag n/a30000
Thompson, BobFlag n/a15010
Thorson, CurtisFlag n/a110000
Trent, MikeFlag n/a10000
Twedt, MikeFlag n/a14010
van Heukelom, DuaneFlag n/a14230
Wares, SteveFlag n/a15020
Weeks, LarryFlag n/a80000
Whitehead, JeffFlag n/a10000
Whitworth, ScottFlag n/a15140
Williams, BruceFlag n/a15030
Williams, KennyFlag n/a70000
Wilson, MarkFlag 23 y/o10000
Young, DannyFlag 23 y/o1110
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