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Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series 1984 standings

Championship points standings for the Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series 1984

Most race winsFlag Lonnie Jensen
Most podium positionsFlag Stacy Redmond
Most podium positions without a winFlag Todd Nichols

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Steve Johnson, Dean Chadd, Stacy Redmond, Mike Johnson, Mackie Heimbaugh, Rick McClure, Harlow Thompson, Wendell Folkerts, Randy Johnson, Todd Nichols, John Greenwood, Terry Alexander, Mike Whaley, Richard Crook, Terry Peterson, Archie Ergenbright, Wade Jones, Ray Lipsey, Brian Ridge, Jim Grafton, Lonnie Jensen, Bruce Drottz, Ken Becwar, Mike Chadd, Mike Houseman, Bill Rook, Jimmy Riggins, Don Droud Jr, Don Reed, Wayne Messamaker, Jim Yeager, Tim Folkerts, Ted Swartslander, Bob Werkmeister, Dave Jacobs, Ray Lee Goodwin Jr, Ken Robare, Steve Grossbacher, Wendell Clare, Bill Smith, Mike Thomas41

Individual driver statistics for the 1984 Knoxville Raceway 360 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alexander, TerryFlag n/a110000
Becwar, KenFlag n/a20000
Chadd, DeanFlag 25 y/o10350
Chadd, MikeFlag 19 y/o20000
Clare, WendellFlag n/a20000
Crook, RichardFlag n/a5120
Drottz, BruceFlag n/a9020
Droud Jr, DonFlag 22 y/o10000
Ergenbright, ArchieFlag n/a50000
Folkerts, TimFlag n/a20000
Folkerts, WendellFlag n/a70000
Goodwin Jr, Ray LeeFlag n/a10000
Grafton, JimFlag n/a00000
Greenwood, JohnFlag 39 y/o30000
Grossbacher, SteveFlag n/a10000
Heimbaugh, MackieFlag 31 y/o11020
Houseman, MikeFlag n/a70000
Jacobs, DaveFlag n/a1010
Jensen, LonnieFlag n/a5550
Johnson, MikeFlag 29 y/o7020
Johnson, RandyFlag n/a90000
Johnson, SteveFlag n/a20000
Jones, WadeFlag n/a30000
Lipsey, RayFlag n/a10000
McClure, RickFlag n/a11010
Messamaker, WayneFlag n/a30000
Nichols, ToddFlag n/a10030
Peterson, TerryFlag n/a2010
Redmond, StacyFlag n/a10280
Reed, DonFlag n/a10000
Ridge, BrianFlag n/a70000
Riggins, JimmyFlag n/a1010
Robare, KenFlag n/a10000
Rook, BillFlag 29 y/o10000
Smith, BillFlag n/a20000
Swartslander, TedFlag n/a20000
Thomas, MikeFlag n/a10000
Thompson, HarlowFlag n/a10000
Werkmeister, BobFlag n/a10000
Whaley, MikeFlag n/a110000
Yeager, JimFlag n/a40000
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