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Knoxville Raceway 305 Sprintcar Series 2014 standings

Championship points standings for the Knoxville Raceway 305 Sprintcar Series 2014

Most race winsFlag Steve Breazeale
Flag Matthew Stelzer
Flag Devin Kline
Flag James Kinder
Most podium positionsFlag Steve Breazeale
Most podium positions without a winFlag Stacey Alexander
Most fastest race lapsFlag James Kinder

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Steve Breazeale, Matthew Stelzer, Stacey Alexander, Kevin Hetrick, Keoni Texeira, Chris Walraven, Mitchell Alexander, Bob Hildreth, Jeff Wilke, Kade Higday, Mike Mayberry, Andee Beierle, Lee Patterson, Corey Kautz, Kevin Hiemstra, Matt Stephenson, Mike Philben, Tanner Edwards, Sawyer Phillips, McKenna Haase, Devin Kline, Christopher Scank, Sarena Paul, Cody Ambers, Steve Palmer, Chris Horton, Josh Jones, Harvey Pitt, Dustin Clark, Chase Wanner, Joe Simbro, Laney Feight, Don Dawson III, Michael Fishel, Terri OConnell, Rob Weuve, James Kinder37

Individual driver statistics for the 2014 Knoxville Raceway 305 Sprintcar Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alexander, MitchellFlag n/a100200
Alexander, StaceyFlag n/a100300
Ambers, CodyFlag n/a10000
Beierle, AndeeFlag n/a90000
Breazeale, SteveFlag 52 y/o102602
Clark, DustinFlag n/a31100
Dawson III, DonFlag n/a10000
Edwards, TannerFlag n/a100000
Feight, LaneyFlag n/a30000
Fishel, MichaelFlag n/a30000
Haase, McKennaFlag 17 y/o100100
Hetrick, KevinFlag n/a101301
Hiemstra, KevinFlag n/a80000
Higday, KadeFlag 15 y/o100100
Hildreth, BobFlag n/a80000
Horton, ChrisFlag n/a20000
Jones, JoshFlag n/a30000
Kautz, CoreyFlag n/a90000
Kinder, JamesFlag n/a102503
Kline, DevinFlag n/a62201
Mayberry, MikeFlag n/a100000
OConnell, TerriFlag n/a30000
Palmer, SteveFlag n/a60000
Patterson, LeeFlag n/a100000
Paul, SarenaFlag n/a30000
Philben, MikeFlag n/a100100
Phillips, SawyerFlag n/a10000
Pitt, HarveyFlag n/a00000
Scank, ChristopherFlag n/a80000
Simbro, JoeFlag n/a40000
Stelzer, MatthewFlag n/a102502
Stephenson, MattFlag n/a10000
Texeira, KeoniFlag n/a100000
Walraven, ChrisFlag n/a90001
Wanner, ChaseFlag n/a10000
Weuve, RobFlag n/a10000
Wilke, JeffFlag n/a100000
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