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45th Annual Super Clean Knoxville Nationals 2005 standings

Race results for 45th Annual Super Clean Knoxville Nationals 2005

1.Flag Kraig KinserSteve Kinser RacingMaxim
2.Flag Donny Schatz
3.Flag Danny Lasoski
4.Flag Shane Stewart
5.Flag Chad Kemenah
6.Flag Kerry Madsen
7.Flag Steve Kinser
8.Flag Brian Paulus
9.Flag Daryn PittmanTitan Racing
10.Flag Craig Dollansky
11.Flag Brooke Tatnell
12.Flag Tim Shaffer
13.Flag Lance Dewease
14.Flag Fred Rahmer
15.Flag Jason Solwold
16.Flag Randy HannaganTHR
17.Flag Billy Alley
18.Flag Terry McCarlBig Game Treestands Motorsports
19.Flag Jeremy Campbell
20.Flag Jac HaudenschildRoth Motorsports
21.Flag Wayne JohnsonFattfro Motorsports
22.Flag Anthony Joseph Jackson
23.Flag Stevie Smith
24.Flag Joey Saldana
25.Flag Tim Kaeding
26.Flag Travis Rilat
27.Flag Greg Hodnett
28.Flag Justin Henderson
29.Flag Jason Meyers
30.Flag Dean Jacobs
31.Flag Kenny Jacobs
32.Flag Jason SidesTwo Sides Motorsports
33.Flag Greg Wilson
34.Flag Ricky Logan
35.Flag Stephen Allard
36.Flag Female Erin Crocker
37.Flag Jason Johnson
38.Flag Kaley Gharst
39.Flag Ed Lynch Jr
40.Flag Travis Whitney
41.Flag Don Droud Jr
42.Flag Clint Garner
43.Flag Cody Geldart
44.Flag Jesse Giannetto
45.Flag Brandon Wimmer
46.Flag Sammy Swindell
47.Flag Kevin Swindell
48.Flag Blake Feese
49.Flag Paul McMahan
50.Flag Ryan Coniam
51.Flag Johnny Herrera
52.Flag Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
53.Flag Jeff Mitrisin
54.Flag Geoff Dodge
55.Flag Calvin Landis
56.Flag Danny Smith
57.Flag Jaymie Moyle
58.Flag Mike Moore
59.Flag Bob Weuve
60.Flag Mike Kertscher
61.Flag Danny Jennings
62.Flag Jonathan AllardWilliams Motorsport
63.Flag Ryan Anderson
64.Flag Jesse Hockett
65.Flag Josh Higday
66.Flag Mike Erdley
67.Flag T.J. Stutts
68.Flag Lynton Jeffrey
69.Flag Kevin Huntley
70.Flag Jon Agan
71.Flag Matt Moro
72.Flag Bob Bennett
73.Flag John Lambertz
74.Flag Brent Antill
75.Flag Seth Brahmer
76.Flag Tyler Houseman
77.Flag Dave Enders
78.Flag Greg Jones
79.Flag Luke Cranston
80.Flag Dusty Zomer
81.Flag Chad Meyer
82.Flag Jamie McDonald
83.Flag Mark Dobmeier
84.Flag Robert Huisken
85.Flag Colin Northway
86.Flag Robert Bell
87.Flag Ty Bartz
88.Flag Mike Deavers
89.Flag Sean Walden
90.Flag Matt Wasmund
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