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International SuperModified Association 2006 standings

Championship points standings for the International SuperModified Association 2006

Most race winsFlag Chris Perley
Most podium positionsFlag Chris Perley
Most podium positions without a winFlag Dave McKnight

Nationality of participating drivers

91.4%U.S.A.Flag Bobby Santos III, Rob Summers, Joe Gosek, Brad Noffsinger, Jack Smith, Greg Furlong, Chris Perley, Nick Fornoro jr., Lou Cicconi Jr, Justin Belfiore, Dave Trytek, Bob Magner, Joe Petro, Randy Ritskes, Scott Martel, Jeff Holbrook, Ray Graham Jr, Bobby Haynes, Jr., John Torrese, Brandon Bellinger, Mike Ordway, Larry Lehnert, Vern Romanoski, Eric Torrese, Michael Barnes, Dave Shullick Jr, Rick Wentworth, Charlie Schultz, Danny Shirey, Mike Badessa, Randy Burch, Moe Lilje, Bobby Dawson, Johnny Payne, Rich Reid, Bentley Warren, Joey Scanlon, Joe Grunda, Brent Roundy, Russ Wood, Doug Bosivert, Jamie Timmons, Denny Fisher, Eric Emhoff, Dave Sanborn, Joey Miller, Bobby Bond, Doug Heveron, R D Timmons, Kelly Miller, Dorman Snyder, Randy Wimert, Frank Neil, Gary Morton, Jerry Curran, Dan Osmeloski, Jim Moran, Pat Lavery, Andy Noto, Shawn Muldoon, Kyle Carpenter, Jon Henes, Todd Buchanon, Mike Ordway, Jr., Joey Payne, Keith Shampine, Mike Brubaker, Michael Lewis Jr, Tom Hessert III, Mike Hooper, Dave Hoise, Johnny Benson, Jr, Bill Tyler, Doug Didero74
7.4%CanadaFlag Mike Lichty, Dave McKnight, Mark Sammut, Ryan Coniam, Craig Rayvals, Ryan Litt6
1.2%UnknownFlag Tim Gareau1

Individual driver statistics for the 2006 International SuperModified Association

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Badessa, MikeFlag n/a50000
Barnes, MichaelFlag n/a40000
Belfiore, JustinFlag n/a17120
Bellinger, BrandonFlag n/a130000
Benson, Jr, JohnnyFlag 43 y/o10000
Bond, BobbyFlag n/a20000
Bosivert, DougFlag n/a30000
Brubaker, MikeFlag n/a00000
Buchanon, ToddFlag n/a10000
Burch, RandyFlag n/a60000
Carpenter, KyleFlag 22 y/o12010
Cicconi Jr, LouFlag n/a17290
Coniam, RyanFlag n/a10000
Curran, JerryFlag n/a10000
Dawson, BobbyFlag n/a50000
Didero, DougFlag 45 y/o10000
Emhoff, EricFlag n/a30000
Fisher, DennyFlag n/a50000
Fornoro jr., NickFlag 50 y/o17280
Furlong, GregFlag n/a10000
Gareau, TimFlag n/a10000
Gosek, JoeFlag 50 y/o40000
Graham Jr, RayFlag n/a14010
Grunda, JoeFlag n/a50000
Haynes, Jr., BobbyFlag n/a150000
Henes, JonFlag n/a60000
Hessert III, TomFlag 20 y/o20000
Heveron, DougFlag 45 y/o40000
Hoise, DaveFlag n/a10000
Holbrook, JeffFlag n/a80000
Hooper, MikeFlag n/a10000
Lavery, PatFlag n/a00000
Lehnert, LarryFlag n/a130000
Lewis Jr, MichaelFlag 27 y/o20000
Lichty, MikeFlag n/a16020
Lilje, MoeFlag n/a60000
Litt, RyanFlag n/a10000
Magner, BobFlag n/a17010
Martel, ScottFlag n/a140000
McKnight, DaveFlag n/a15040
Miller, JoeyFlag n/a10000
Miller, KellyFlag n/a30000
Moran, JimFlag n/a10000
Morton, GaryFlag n/a10000
Muldoon, ShawnFlag n/a20000
Neil, FrankFlag n/a20000
Noffsinger, BradFlag 45 y/o20000
Noto, AndyFlag n/a10000
Ordway, MikeFlag n/a10030
Ordway, Jr., MikeFlag 17 y/o10000
Osmeloski, DanFlag n/a10000
Payne, JoeyFlag n/a10000
Payne, JohnnyFlag n/a60000
Perley, ChrisFlag n/a1710130
Petro, JoeFlag n/a15010
Rayvals, CraigFlag n/a20000
Reid, RichFlag n/a60000
Ritskes, RandyFlag n/a20000
Romanoski, VernFlag n/a140000
Roundy, BrentFlag n/a40000
Sammut, MarkFlag n/a160000
Sanborn, DaveFlag n/a30000
Santos III, BobbyFlag 20 y/o9130
Scanlon, JoeyFlag n/a40000
Schultz, CharlieFlag n/a80000
Shampine, KeithFlag n/a10000
Shirey, DannyFlag n/a80000
Shullick Jr, DaveFlag n/a60000
Smith, JackFlag 34 y/o40000
Snyder, DormanFlag n/a10000
Summers, RobFlag 34 y/o8010
Timmons, JamieFlag n/a30000
Timmons, R DFlag n/a20000
Torrese, EricFlag n/a50000
Torrese, JohnFlag n/a150000
Trytek, DaveFlag n/a150000
Tyler, BillFlag 52 y/o10000
Warren, BentleyFlag 65 y/o4120
Wentworth, RickFlag n/a70000
Wimert, RandyFlag n/a10000
Wood, RussFlag n/a20000
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