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INEX Road Course Legends - Pro 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the INEX Road Course Legends - Pro 2010

Most race winsFlag Bobby Pugh
Most podium positionsFlag Bobby Pugh
Most podium positions without a winFlag Cody Poage

Nationality of participating drivers

79.2%U.S.A.Flag Justin Irwin, Frankie Marks, Robert Czub, Jay Beasley, Bobby Pugh, Butch Summers, Ron Booth, Cody Poage, Scott Sheldon, Jeremiah Wagner, Bobby Noll, Mike Abbate, Robert D'Ambra, Michael Bliss, Steve Cantrell, John Summers, Jimmy Heavlow, Tyler Green, Sam McAulay, Travis Braden, Brian Ouimette, Tyler Lester, Jeremy Christensen, Chad Finchum, Bayley Currey, William Lincks, Robert Gayton, Brent Scheidemantle, Chad Schug, Wayne Barlock, Kyle Resco, Shaun Buffington, Corey Christensen, Max Zachem, Chad Harrington, Brian Kaminskey, Tyler Jordan, Anthony Pagliarulo, John Hilliker, James Landon, Tyler Kivett, Michael Diaz42
13.2%Great BritainFlag Simon Belcher, John Mickel, Stephen Treherne, Lawrence Davey, Lee Fitzpatrick, Chris Bell, Ross Marshall7
5.7%MoroccoFlag Youssef El Marnissi, Youssef Aloui, Ismaïl Sbaï3
1.9%GeorgiaFlag Shota Abkhazava1

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 INEX Road Course Legends - Pro

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Abbate, MikeFlag n/a836
Abkhazava, ShotaFlag 38 y/o100
Aloui, YoussefFlag n/a14513
Barlock, WayneFlag n/a200
Beasley, JayFlag 18 y/o1525
Belcher, SimonFlag 36 y/o1827
Bell, ChrisFlag 26 y/o1600
Bliss, MichaelFlag n/a707
Booth, RonFlag n/a1402
Braden, TravisFlag 16 y/o401
Buffington, ShaunFlag n/a111
Cantrell, SteveFlag n/a513
Christensen, CoreyFlag n/a101
Christensen, JeremyFlag n/a323
Currey, BayleyFlag 13 y/o300
Czub, RobertFlag n/a13710
D'Ambra, RobertFlag n/a803
Davey, LawrenceFlag 25 y/o17515
Diaz, MichaelFlag n/a100
El Marnissi, YoussefFlag 34 y/o14813
Finchum, ChadFlag 15 y/o300
Fitzpatrick, LeeFlag 32 y/o1316
Gayton, RobertFlag n/a201
Green, TylerFlag 21 y/o423
Harrington, ChadFlag n/a101
Heavlow, JimmyFlag n/a423
Hilliker, JohnFlag 19 y/o100
Irwin, JustinFlag n/a19916
Jordan, TylerFlag n/a100
Kaminskey, BrianFlag 29 y/o101
Kivett, TylerFlag n/a100
Landon, JamesFlag n/a100
Lester, TylerFlag n/a400
Lincks, WilliamFlag n/a202
Marks, FrankieFlag 20 y/o16412
Marshall, RossFlag 23 y/o913
McAulay, SamFlag n/a402
Mickel, JohnFlag 39 y/o1725
Noll, BobbyFlag n/a900
Ouimette, BrianFlag n/a401
Pagliarulo, AnthonyFlag 19 y/o100
Poage, CodyFlag n/a13012
Pugh, BobbyFlag n/a211220
Resco, KyleFlag n/a200
Sbaï, IsmaïlFlag 29 y/o11010
Scheidemantle, BrentFlag n/a200
Schug, ChadFlag n/a200
Sheldon, ScottFlag 32 y/o924
Summers, ButchFlag n/a2304
Summers, JohnFlag n/a501
Treherne, StephenFlag 27 y/o17615
Wagner, JeremiahFlag n/a827
Zachem, MaxFlag n/a101
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