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IMCA Sprint Car Championship 1970 standings

Championship points standings for the IMCA Sprint Car Championship 1970

Most race winsFlag Jerry Blundy
Most podium positionsFlag Jerry Richert Sr
Flag Jerry Blundy
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jan Opperman

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Jerry Richert Sr, Jerry Blundy, Tom York, Jan Opperman, Jay Woodside, Don Mack, Wayne Reutimann Sr., Bob Kinser, Darl Harrison, Eddie Leavitt, Kenneth Eugene Weld, Benny Rapp, Gene Genetten, Bobby Allen, Chuck Lynch, Dick Sutcliffe, Bob Williams, Bill Utz, Billy Hughes, J D Leas, Ray Lee Goodwin, Don Hewitt, Dick Tobias, Newton Rose, Cliff Cockrum, Russ Laursen, Herman Wise, Ron Perkins, Billy Cassella, Dick Gaines, Bobby Sitz, John Auxter, Luke Easter, Butch Smith, Jerry Williams, Junior Smalley, Bobbie Adamson, Fred Linder38

Individual driver statistics for the 1970 IMCA Sprint Car Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adamson, BobbieFlag 36 y/o5140
Allen, BobbyFlag 26 y/o2010
Auxter, JohnFlag n/a10000
Blundy, JerryFlag 42 y/o31790
Cassella, BillyFlag 21 y/o1000
Cockrum, CliffFlag n/a10000
Easter, LukeFlag n/a10000
Gaines, DickFlag n/a1010
Genetten, GeneFlag n/a1000
Goodwin, Ray LeeFlag 30 y/o3000
Harrison, DarlFlag 33 y/o5000
Hewitt, DonFlag n/a2000
Hughes, BillyFlag n/a1000
Kinser, BobFlag 38 y/o2000
Laursen, RussFlag 42 y/o1000
Leas, J DFlag n/a5120
Leavitt, EddieFlag 27 y/o5110
Linder, FredFlag n/a0
Lynch, ChuckFlag n/a1000
Mack, DonFlag 30 y/o5010
Opperman, JanFlag 31 y/o6020
Perkins, RonFlag n/a2000
Rapp, BennyFlag 42 y/o1000
Reutimann Sr., WayneFlag 25 y/o1010
Richert Sr, JerryFlag 37 y/o11690
Rose, NewtonFlag 32 y/o3000
Sitz, BobbyFlag n/a10000
Smalley, JuniorFlag n/a10000
Smith, ButchFlag n/a10000
Sutcliffe, DickFlag 32 y/o2000
Tobias, DickFlag 38 y/o1000
Utz, BillFlag n/a2010
Weld, Kenneth EugeneFlag 24 y/o3010
Williams, BobFlag n/a2000
Williams, JerryFlag n/a10000
Wise, HermanFlag 32 y/o1000
Woodside, JayFlag 31 y/o6000
York, TomFlag n/a1110
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