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Hinchcliffe Stadium NJ - Midgets 1949 standings

Championship points standings for the Hinchcliffe Stadium NJ - Midgets 1949

Most race winsFlag Bob Disbrow
Most podium positionsFlag Art Cross
Most podium positions without a winFlag Joseph J Barzda
Flag Andy van Heusen
Flag Henry Renard
Flag Lloyd Christopher

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Len Duncan, Stan Disbrow, Dee Toran, Don Morris, Joseph J Barzda, Andy van Heusen, Art Cross, Tony Martino, Vernon Land, Mike Nazaruk, Bill Schindler, George Flemke, Ernie McCoy, Bob Disbrow, Henry Renard, Lloyd Christopher, Jiggs (Fred) Peters, Jim Reed, Steve McGrath, Buddy Chase, Dick Dowd21

Individual driver statistics for the 1949 Hinchcliffe Stadium NJ - Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barzda, Joseph JFlag 34 y/o2020
Chase, BuddyFlag n/a1010
Christopher, LloydFlag n/a2020
Cross, ArtFlag 31 y/o102100
Disbrow, BobFlag n/a9490
Disbrow, StanFlag n/a2120
Dowd, DickFlag n/a1010
Duncan, LenFlag 37 y/o1110
Flemke, GeorgeFlag n/a1010
Land, VernonFlag n/a1010
Martino, TonyFlag n/a1010
McCoy, ErnieFlag 28 y/o3230
McGrath, SteveFlag n/a1010
Morris, DonFlag n/a2220
Nazaruk, MikeFlag 27 y/o5350
Peters, Jiggs (Fred)Flag 28 y/o1110
Reed, JimFlag 23 y/o2120
Renard, HenryFlag n/a2020
Schindler, BillFlag 40 y/o1010
Toran, DeeFlag n/a1010
van Heusen, AndyFlag n/a2020
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