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Gurney Cup 2021 standings

Race results for Gurney Cup 2021

1.Flag James CottinghamFord GT40Ford 4.7
1.Flag Andrew SmithFord GT40Ford 4.7
2.Flag Sam HancockFord GT40Ford 4.7
2.Flag Tom KristensenFord GT40Ford 4.7
3.Flag Dario FranchittiFord GT40Ford 4.7
3.Flag Shaun LynnFord GT40Ford 4.7
4.Flag André LottererFord GT40Ford 4.7
Fastest lap
4.Flag Chris WilsonFord GT40Ford 4.7
5.Flag Miles GriffithsFord GT40Ford 4.7
5.Flag Gordon SheddenFord GT40Ford 4.7
Pole position
6.Flag David HartFord GT40Ford 4.7
6.Flag John HugenholtzFord GT40Ford 4.7
7.Flag Andrew BentleyFord GT40Ford 4.7
7.Flag Richard MeinsFord GT40Ford 4.7
8.Flag Ben MitchellChevron B8BMW 2.0
8.Flag Sam MitchellChevron B8BMW 2.0
9.Flag Rob HallMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
9.Flag Andrew WareingMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
10.Flag Michael O'BrienLotus 23CFord 1.6
10.Flag Ed ThurstonLotus 23CFord 1.6
11.Flag Andrew HibberdLotus 23BFord 1.6
11.Flag Michael HibberdLotus 23BFord 1.6
12.Flag Nick FennellLotus 23BFord 1.6
12.Flag Ben TilleyLotus 23BFord 1.6
13.Flag Richard BradleyElva GT160BMW 2.0
13.Flag Gareth BurnettElva GT160BMW 2.0
14.Flag Hugh ColmanChevron B8BMW 2.0
14.Flag Mark ColmanChevron B8BMW 2.0
15.Flag Michael MaloneElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
15.Flag Andrew WolfeElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
16.Flag Alex BrundleLotus 23BFord 1.6
16.Flag Darren WilsonLotus 23BFord 1.6
17.Flag Oliver DouglasElva Mk. 8SBMW 2.0
17.Flag Simon HamElva Mk. 8SBMW 2.0
18.Flag Michael CullenElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
18.Flag Niall McFaddenElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
19.Flag Jim MorrisLotus 23BFord 1.6
19.Flag Tom ShephardLotus 23BFord 1.6
20.Flag Raphaël RondoniLotus 30Ford 4.7
20.Flag Franck TrouillardLotus 30Ford 4.7
21.Flag Simon DiffeyPenske Zerex SpecialCoventry Climax 2.7
21.Flag Gregory HeacockPenske Zerex SpecialCoventry Climax 2.7
22.Flag Marshall BaileyLotus 23BFord 1.6
22.Flag Garry PearsonLotus 23BFord 1.6
Flag Maxim BartellElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
Flag Chris GoodwinLotus 23BFord 1.6
Flag Callum GrantElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
Flag Andrew KirkaldyLotus 23BFord 1.6
Flag Nicolas MinassianMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
Flag Mark ShawMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
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