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Gurney Cup 2019 standings

Race results for Gurney Cup 2019

1.Flag Cameron JacksonCrossle Mk. 5SOldsmobile
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Craig DaviesFord GT40Ford 4.7
3.Flag John HugenholtzFord GT40Ford 4.7
4.Flag Andrew HibberdLotus 23BFord 1.6
5.Flag Chris GoodwinLotus 23BFord 1.6
6.Flag Nick FennellLotus 23BFord 1.6
7.Flag Keith AhlersCooper T61 MonacoFord 4.7
8.Flag Katsuaki KubotaLotus 23BFord 1.6
9.Flag Mark OwenElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
10.Flag Uwe BruschnikPorsche 910Porsche 2.0
11.Flag Richard MeinsFord GT40Ford 4.7
12.Flag Rainer BeckerPorsche 910Porsche 2.0
13.Flag Andrew WareingMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
14.Flag John BladonMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
15.Flag Michael MaloneElva Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
16.Flag Harms WinterMcLaren M1AChevrolet 5.7
17.Flag Oliver BryantFord GT40Ford 4.7
18.Flag Arnie BlackCrossle Mk. 7SBMW 2.0
19.Flag Sam WilsonPandoraBMC 1.0
20.Flag Andrew HaydenLotus 23BFord 1.6
21.Flag Gregory HeacockZerex SpecialCoventry Climax 2.7
22.Flag Peter SchleiferFred Davies SpecialChevrolet
Flag Nick AdamsLotus 23BFord 1.6
Flag Craig DolbyLotus 19Oldsmobile 3.6
Flag Joaquin Folch-RusinolFord GT40Ford 4.7
Flag Franck TrouillardPorsche 906Porsche 1.9
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