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Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1975 standings

Race results for Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1975

1.Flag Vittorio BrambillaDoug Shierson RacingMarch 75B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
2.Flag Jean-Pierre JarierFred Opert RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
3.Flag Jean-Pierre JaussaudFred Opert RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
4.Flag José DolhemFred Opert RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
5.Flag Héctor RebaqueFred Opert RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
6.Flag Bertil RoosEcurie CanadaMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
7.Flag Dave WalkerRobert Joubert RacingLola T350 HU1 (Ford BDA)
8.Flag John NicholsonAlan McCall RacingTui BH2 (Ford BDA)
9.Flag Sebastien BaroneIsola RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
10.Flag Syd DemovskyB & B RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
11.Flag Tom BagleyChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
12.Flag Peter FergusonFerguson Canada RacingChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
13.Flag Tom PumpellyCavanaugh RacingMarch 75B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
14.Flag Price CobbDoug Shierson RacingMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
15.Flag Gilles VilleneuveMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
16.Flag Frank Del VecchioMarch 73B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
17.Flag James KingRaggedy Ann RacingMarch 73B (Ford BDA)
18.Flag Bobby RahalLola T360 HU9 (Ford BDA)
19.Flag Tom KlauslerLola T360 HU12 (Ford BDA)
20.Flag Dave WestgateLola T360 (Ford BDA)
21.Flag Howdy HolmesBill Scott RacingLola T360 (Ford BDA)
22.Flag Elliott Forbes-RobinsonBill Scott RacingLola T360 (Ford BDA)
23.Flag Bruce JensenChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
24.Flag Charles T GibsonMarch 712M (Ford BDA)
25.Flag Craig HillEcurie CanadaMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
26.Flag Chip MeadMarch 75B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
27.Flag Bill BrackChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
28.Flag Damien MageeAlan McCall RacingTui BH2 (Ford BDA)
29.Flag Reg ScullionMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
30.Flag Patrick DepaillerEcurie CanadaMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
31.Flag Jacques DesjardinsLola T360 (Ford BDA)
Flag Tim CooperMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
Flag Hugh CreeChevron B29 (Ford BDA)
Flag John GloviakBrabham BT35 (Ford BDA)
Flag Tom GloyLola T360 HU16 (Ford BDA)
Flag Cliff HansenDoug Shierson RacingMarch 75B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
Flag Bruce KramerElden Mk16 (Ford BDA)
Flag Mauro LanaroMarch 712M (Ford BDA)
Flag Vince MuzzinMarch 75B (Ford BDA Cosworth)
Flag Marcel TalbotMarch 75B (Ford BDA)
Flag Pat WalterAmerodaen RacingRalt RT1 (Ford BDA)
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