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Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1974 standings

Race results for Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1974

1.Flag Tom KlauslerLola T360 HU2 (Ford BDA)
2.Flag Jean-Pierre JaussaudFred Opert RacingChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
3.Flag Patrick DepaillerDoug Shierson RacingMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
Pole position
4.Flag James KingDoug Shierson RacingChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
5.Flag Bruce JensenMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
6.Flag Reg ScullionMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
7.Flag Chip MeadDoug Shierson RacingChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
8.Flag Bill O'ConnorLola T360 HU3 (Ford BDA)
9.Flag Price CobbChevron B20 (Ford BDA)
10.Flag Al JustasonRondel M1 (Ford BDA)
11.Flag Ron CohnMarch 73B (Ford BDA)
12.Flag Dave WestgateMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
13.Flag Hugh Bancroft IIIFred Opert RacingChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
14.Flag Bob BeyeaFred Opert RacingBrabham BT40 (Ford BDA)
15.Flag Ric ForestMarch 73B (Ford BDA)
16.Flag Peter BroekerChevron B17B (Ford TC)
17.Flag Mike HallBrabham BT40 (Ford BDA)
18.Flag Chris O'BrienRondel M1 (Ford BDA)
19.Flag Craig HillBrabham BT40 (Ford BDA)
20.Flag Roger SeacristRondel M1 (Ford BDA)
21.Flag George FollmerEcurie CanadaMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
22.Flag Sebastien BaroneRondel M1 (Ford BDA)
23.Flag Richard DoranGRD 72B
24.Flag Syd DemovskyMarch 742
25.Flag Michael BystromBystrom RacingBrabham BT38
26.Flag Tom PryceFred Opert RacingChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
27.Flag Charles T GibsonMarch 73B (Ford BDA)
28.Flag Chris GleasonFred Opert RacingBrabham BT40 (Ford BDA)
29.Flag Bruce MacInnesMarch 73B
30.Flag Gary MagwoodLola T360 HU6 (Ford BDA)
31.Flag Bill BrackLotus 59 (Ford BDA)
32.Flag Gilles VilleneuveEcurie CanadaMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
Flag Don BreidenbachMarch 74B (Ford BDA)
Flag Bobby BrownChevron B27 (Ford BDA)
Flag Bill EaglesTex Made RacingBrabham BT40 (Ford BDA)
Flag Peter FergusonChevron B20 (Ford BDA)
Flag William Prout JrMarch 705/73B (Ford TC)
Flag Joe ShepherdXanadu RacingChevron B20 (Ford BDA)
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