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Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1973 standings

Race results for Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres 1973

1.Flag Tom KlauslerO'Connor-Klausler RacingBrabham BT38 (Ford TC)
2.Flag Ron CohnDRC Formula RacingMarch 73B (Ford TC)
3.Flag Charles T GibsonGibson Racing CoMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
4.Flag Chip MeadChevron B25 (Ford TC)
5.Flag Ron ShantzLotus 69 (Ford TC)
6.Flag Bill EaglesBrabham BT40 (Ford TC)
7.Flag Joe GrimaldiMarch 722 (Ford TC)
8.Flag Richard DoranMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
9.Flag Lee HerronWildcat WB73 (Ford TC)
10.Flag Bob IsnorBrabham BT21 (Ford TC)
Flag Bill BrackBill Brack RacingLotus 59 (Ford TC)
Pole position
Flag Ian CoristineEcurie CanadaMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
Flag Frank Del VecchioMarch 73B (Ford TC)
Flag Peter FergusonChevron B20 (Ford TC)
Flag Roy FollandMarch 73B (Ford TC)
Flag Ric ForestBrabham BT35 (Ford TC)
Flag Mike HallBrabham BT40 (Ford TC)
Flag Charles HansenMarch 722 (Ford TC)
Flag Craig HillBrabham BT40 (Ford TC)
Flag Ken HubandMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
Flag Jean-Pierre JaussaudFred Opert RacingBrabham BT40 (Ford TC)
Flag Bruce JensenJenmac RacingMarch 722 (Ford TC)
Flag Al JustasonBrabham BT35 (Ford TC)
Flag Gilles LegerBrabham BT40 (Ford TC)
Flag Bruce MacInnesDRC Formula RacingMarch 73B (Ford TC)
Flag Jon MilledgeMarch 722 (Ford TC)
Flag Max NerriereLotus 59 (Ford TC)
Flag Peter W NyeMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
Flag Bill O'ConnorO'Connor-Klausler RacingBrabham BT38 (Ford TC)
Flag Richard PaulMarch 73B (Ford TC)
Flag John PowellBrabham BT35 (Ford TC)
Flag Wayne RicciardiMarch 722 (Ford TC)
Flag Reg ScullionScullion-Donolo RacingMarch 71BM (Ford TC)
Flag Paul WheatleyChevron B18 (Ford TC)
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