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9e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie D: Voitures de Grand Prix F1 1500 (1961 - 1965) 2014 standings

Race results for 9e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie D: Voitures de Grand Prix F1 1500 (1961 - 1965) 2014

1.Flag Andy MiddlehurstLotus 25Coventry Climax 1.5
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Sid HooleCooper T66Coventry Climax 1.5
3.Flag Tommaso GelminiScirocco SP2BRM 1.5
4.Flag Nigel WilliamsLotus 24BRM 1.5
5.Flag Dan CollinsLotus 21Coventry Climax 1.5
6.Flag Kurt DelBeneBRP 64BRM 1.5
7.Flag Roy WalzerBrabham BT11Coventry Climax 1.5
8.Flag Peter StuderLotus 24Coventry Climax 1.5
9.Flag Michel WantyLotus 24Coventry Climax 1.5
10.Flag Jean-François GuittardLola Mk.4Coventry Climax 1.5
11.Flag John ElliottLotus 18Coventry Climax 1.5
12.Flag Andrew BeaumontLotus 24Coventry Climax 1.5
13.Flag Federico BurattiLotus 21Coventry Climax 1.5
14.Flag Guy PeetersLotus 18/21Coventry Climax 1.5
15.Flag Rudolf ErnstLotus 18Coventry Climax 1.5
16.Flag Franck TrouillardLotus 21Coventry Climax 1.5
17.Flag John RomanoBrabham BT11Coventry Climax 1.5
18.Flag Rodger NewmanBrabham BT14Ford 1.5
19.Flag Marco CajaniDe Tomaso F1Alfa Romeo 1.5
20.Flag Scott TaylorLotus 18Coventry Climax 1.5
21.Flag David ClarkBRM P57BRM 1.5
22.Flag John EvansCooper T56Coventry Climax 1.5
23.Flag Jorge FerioliLola Mk.4Coventry Climax 1.5
24.Flag Jason WrightATS 100ATS 1.5
25.Flag Marco RollingerBrabham BT3Coventry Climax 1.5
26.Flag Joe ColasaccoFerrari 1512Ferrari 1.5
27.Flag Charles McCabeBRM P57BRM 1.5
Flag Paul DraysonLotus 24BRM 1.5
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