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10e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie B: Voitures de Grand Prix F1 et F2 (Pre-1961) 2016 standings

Race results for 10e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie B: Voitures de Grand Prix F1 et F2 (Pre-1961) 2016

1.Flag Tony WoodTec-Mec F415Maserati 2.5
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Julian BronsonScarab F1Scarab 2.5
3.Flag Roger WillsLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.2
4.Flag Guillermo Fierro-EletaMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
5.Flag Joaquin Folch-RusinolLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.5
6.Flag Tony SmithFerrari 246 DinoFerrari 2.4
7.Flag Ian NuthallAlta F2Alta 2.0
8.Flag Paul GrantCooper T23Bristol 2.0
9.Flag Eddie McGuireCooper T20Bristol 2.0
10.Flag Stephen RussellCooper T23Bristol 2.0
11.Flag David WenmanCooper T20Bristol 2.0
12.Flag Sam StrettonFerrari 555Ferrari 2.5
13.Flag Marc ValvekensGordini T16Gordini 2.0
14.Flag Guy PlanteCooper T23Bristol 2.0
15.Flag Marshall BaileyLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.5
16.Flag Graham AdelmanMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
17.Flag Martin HalusaMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
18.Flag Barry WoodCooper T20Bristol 2.0
19.Flag Helmut GassmannConnaught B-typeAlta 2.5
20.Flag Alexander SatovMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
21.Flag Jean-Jacques BallySimca-Gordini T15Gordini 1.5
22.Flag Adrian van der KroftConnaught A-typeLea Francis 2.0
23.Flag Jean Georges Van PraetCooper T23Bristol 2.0
24.Flag Female Julia Villalba de BaldanzaMaserati A6GCMMaserati 2.0
25.Flag Claude PicassoSimca-Gordini T15Gordini 1.5
Flag Simon DiffeyMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
Flag Pierangelo MasselliLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.2
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