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7e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie A: Voitures de Grand Prix avant 1947 2010 standings

Race results for 7e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Serie A: Voitures de Grand Prix avant 1947 2010

1.Flag Julian BronsonERA D-typeERA 2.0 s/c
Fastest lap
2.Flag Ian LandyERA B-typeERA 1.5 s/c
3.Flag Michael GansERA B-typeERA 1.5 s/c
4.Flag Willi BalzMaserati 6CMMaserati 1.5 s/c
5.Flag Rainier OttERA B-typeERA 1.5 s/c
6.Flag Tony SmithAlfa Romeo P3Alfa Romeo 2.9 s/c
7.Flag Josef Otto RettenmaierMaserati V8RIMaserati 4.8 s/c
8.Flag Paddins DowlingERA B-typeERA 1.5 s/c
9.Flag Ed DaviesAlfa Romeo 8C MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.3
10.Flag Umberto RossiAlfa Romeo P3Alfa Romeo 2.9 s/c
11.Flag Duncan PittawayBugatti T35Bugatti 2.0
12.Flag Jean-Robert GrelletERA A-typeERA 1.1 s/c
13.Flag Philip ChampionFrazer Nash SupersportsAnzani 1.5 s/c
14.Flag Ralf EmmerlingRiley BrooklandsRiley 1.1 s/c
15.Flag Stephan RettenmaierMaserati 6CMMaserati 1.5 s/c
16.Flag Thierry ChanoineRiley DobbsRiley 2.0
17.Flag Jürg KönigBugatti T37ABugatti 1.5 s/c
18.Flag Brandon Smith-HilliardMG K3MG 1.1 s/c
19.Flag Roland PortmannMaserati 4CLMaserati 1.5 s/c
20.Flag Winfried KallingerSquire 1500Anzani 1.5 s/c
21.Flag Paul-Emile BessadeBugatti T51Bugatti 2.3 s/c
22.Flag Marcel SontropBugatti T37Bugatti 1.5
23.Flag Female Julia Villalba de BaldanzaBugatti T35BBugatti 2.3 s/c
Flag Timothy DuttonBugatti T35Bugatti 2.0
Flag Richard LastParnell-MG K3MG 1.1 s/c
Flag Peter NeumarkAlfa Romeo 8C MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.3
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