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IV Gran Premio Supercortemaggiore, Italy 1956 standings

Race results for IV Gran Premio Supercortemaggiore, Italy 1956

1.Flag Peter CollinsScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
Fastest lap
1.Flag Mike HawthornScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
2.Flag Stirling MossOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 200S
Pole position
2.Flag Cesare PerdisaOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 200S
3.Flag Eugenio CastellottiScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
3.Flag Juan Manuel FangioScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
4.Flag Alfonso de PortagoScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
4.Flag Olivier GendebienScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
5.Flag Umberto MaglioliOSCA TN 1500
5.Flag Luigi VilloresiOSCA TN 1500
6.Flag Hermano da Silva RamosEquipe GordiniGordini T15S
6.Flag Robert ManzonEquipe GordiniGordini T15S
7.Flag Giorgio MeierFerrari 500 Mondial
7.Flag Gaetano StarrabbaFerrari 500 Mondial
8.Flag André SimonOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 150S
8.Flag Piero TaruffiOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 150S
9.Flag Giulio CabiancaMonte Carlo SportOSCA TN 1500
9.Flag Louis ChironMonte Carlo SportOSCA TN 1500
10.Flag Female Anna Maria PeduzziGilberte ThirionFerrari 500 Mondial
10.Flag Female Gilberte ThirionGilberte ThirionFerrari 500 Mondial
11.Flag Franco CorteseFranco CorteseFerrari 500 Mondial
11.Flag Enzo PinzeroFranco CorteseFerrari 500 Mondial
12.Flag Jean GuichetFerrari 500
12.Flag Paul MaretFerrari 500
13.Flag William C. BuffWilliam C. BuffPorsche 550 RS
13.Flag SidelWilliam C. BuffPorsche 550 RS
14.Flag Luigi MussoMaserati A6GCS
14.Flag Franco RibaldiMaserati A6GCS
15.Flag Claude StorezPorsche 550 RS
15.Flag Auguste VeuilletPorsche 550 RS
16.Flag Luciano MasseroniMaserati A6GCS
16.Flag Giulio MusitelliMaserati A6GCS
17.Flag Ottavio GuarducciFerrari 500 Mondial
17.Flag Silvio RossiFerrari 500 Mondial
18.Flag Michael MayMichael MayPorsche 550 RS
18.Flag Pierre MayMichael MayPorsche 550 RS
19.Flag Alberico CacciariMaserati A6GCS
19.Flag Mario RicciMaserati A6GCS
20.Flag Azzurro ManziniMaserati A6GCS
20.Flag Giorgio ScarlattiMaserati A6GCS
Flag Edgar BarthAWE 1500
Flag Luigi BellucciOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati A6GCS
Flag Jo BonnierMaserati 150S
Flag Franco BordiniFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Claude BourillotClaude BourillotMaserati 150S
Flag André CanonicaFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag A. CaravagliaMaserati 150S
Flag Piero CariniFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Gilberto CornacchiaMaserati 150S
Flag Female Maria Teresa de FilippisMaserati 150S
Flag Toulo de GraffenriedFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Alejandro de TomasoIsabel HaskellMaserati 150S
Flag Jack FairmanMaserati 150S
Flag Giuseppe FarinaOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 200S
Flag Paul FréreFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Gerino GeriniFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Francesco GiardiniOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 150S
Flag Georges HouelMaserati A6GCS
Flag Chico LandiMaserati 150S
Flag LoundLotus Eleven
Flag Jean LucasJean LucasFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Herbert MacKay-FraserMaserati 150S
Flag André MilhouxFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Nello PaganiMaserati 150S
Flag Henri PerroudClaude BourillotMaserati 150S
Flag André PiletteOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 150S
Flag Luigi PiottiMaserati A6GCS
Flag David PiperLotus Eleven
Flag Arthur RosenhammerAWE 1500
Flag Louis RosierMaserati A6GCS
Flag Harry SchellScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Fernand TavanoJean LucasFerrari 500 Mondial
Flag Carlos TomasiIsabel HaskellMaserati 150S
Flag Domenico TramontanaMaserati A6GCS
Flag Jean-Claude VidillesMaserati A6GCS
Flag Wolfgang von TripsScuderia FerrariFerrari 500 Mondial
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