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Graham Hill Trophy 2022 standings

Race results for Graham Hill Trophy 2022

1.Flag Phil KeenJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Pole position
Fastest lap
1.Flag Jon MinshawJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
2.Flag Marino FranchittiFerrari 250 GTOFerrari 3.0
2.Flag Nicky PastorelliFerrari 250 GTOFerrari 3.0
3.Flag Guy SmithTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
3.Flag Michael WhitakerTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
4.Flag Rory ButcherJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
4.Flag William PaulJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
5.Flag Saif AssamAC CobraFord 4.7
5.Flag Sam HancockAC CobraFord 4.7
6.Flag David HartBizzarrini 5300 GTChevrolet 5.4
6.Flag Olivier HartBizzarrini 5300 GTChevrolet 5.4
7.Flag Richard BradleyElva GT160BMW 2.0
7.Flag Gareth BurnettElva GT160BMW 2.0
8.Flag Craig DaviesChevrolet Corvette C2 Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
8.Flag Jason PlatoChevrolet Corvette C2 Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
9.Flag Andy PriaulxShelby Cobra 289Ford 4.7
9.Flag Bill ShepherdShelby Cobra 289Ford 4.7
10.Flag Rob HuffJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
10.Flag Chris Lillingston-PriceJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
11.Flag Andrew JordanJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
11.Flag Niall McFaddenJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
12.Flag Vincent GayeJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
12.Flag Gordon SheddenJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Shane BreretonJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Adrian WillmottJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
14.Flag Alex BrundleAC Cobra Le Mans CoupeFord 4.7
14.Flag Richard WilsonAC Cobra Le Mans CoupeFord 4.7
15.Flag Wolfgang FriedrichsAston Martin DP214Aston Martin 4.0
15.Flag Simon HadfieldAston Martin DP214Aston Martin 4.0
16.Flag Yelmer BuurmanFerrari 250 LMFerrari 3.3
16.Flag Alexander van der LofFerrari 250 LMFerrari 3.3
17.Flag Oliver BryantPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
17.Flag Andrew SmithPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
18.Flag Patrick Blakeney-EdwardsAC CobraFord 4.7
18.Flag Frederic WakemanAC CobraFord 4.7
19.Flag Robin EllisLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
19.Flag Nick PadmoreLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
20.Flag Nick JarvisChevrolet Corvette C2 Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
20.Flag Benoît TréluyerChevrolet Corvette C2 Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
21.Flag Nick FennellLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
21.Flag Katsuaki KubotaLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
22.Flag Alex MontgomeryLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
22.Flag Joel WykehamLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
23.Flag David ClarkPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
23.Flag Emanuele PirroPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
24.Flag Richard AttwoodPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
24.Flag Olivier BlanpainPorsche Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
Flag Ian BurfordBill Thomas CheetahChevrolet 5.4
Flag James CottinghamAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Stephan JöbstlLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
Flag Garry PearsonAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Antony ReidBill Thomas CheetahChevrolet 5.4
Flag Harvey StanleyAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Joe TwymanAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Andrew WillisLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
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