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NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprintcar Series 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprintcar Series 2020

Most race winsFlag Kyle Hirst
Most podium positionsFlag Spencer Bayston
Flag Tim Kaeding
Flag Kyle Hirst
Flag Justin Sanders
Most podium positions without a winFlag Tim Kaeding
Most fastest race lapsFlag Spencer Bayston
Flag Kyle Hirst
Flag Justin Sanders
Flag Austin McCarl
Flag Ryan Robinson

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Spencer Bayston, Bud Kaeding, Tim Kaeding, D J Netto, Mitchell Faccinto, Kyle Hirst, Dominic Scelzi, Colby Copeland, Michael Faccinto, Blake Carrick, Jake Hagopian, Zane Blanchard, Kurt Nelson, Jace VanderWeerd, Grant Duinkerken, Jodie Robinson, Sean Watts, Kyle Offill, Tucker Worth, Travis Coelho, A J Bender, Willie Croft, Brendan Warmerdam, Craig Stidham, Trent Canales, Geoffrey Strole, Stephen Ingraham, Ben Worth, Richard Brace Jr, Justin Sanders, Sean Becker, Nick Ringo Jr, Chase Johnson, Ryan Bernal, Andy Forsberg, Joey Ancona, Jason Chisum, Shane Golobic, Adam Kaeding, Jeremy Chisum, Jayson Bright, Jake Morgan, Kenny Allen, Austin McCarl, Tanner Carrick, J J Ringo, Ryan Robinson, Burt Foland Jr, Rico Abreu, Justyn Cox, Matt Streeter, Mark Barroso, Michael Kofoid53

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprintcar Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Abreu, RicoFlag 28 y/o10100
Allen, KennyFlag 25 y/o00000
Ancona, JoeyFlag n/a10000
Barroso, MarkFlag n/a10000
Bayston, SpencerFlag 21 y/o21201
Becker, SeanFlag 39 y/o40100
Bender, A J Flag n/a40000
Bernal, RyanFlag n/a10000
Blanchard, ZaneFlag n/a10000
Brace Jr, RichardFlag n/a10000
Bright, JaysonFlag n/a20000
Canales, TrentFlag n/a20000
Carrick, BlakeFlag 16 y/o50000
Carrick, TannerFlag 18 y/o20000
Chisum, JasonFlag n/a10000
Chisum, JeremyFlag n/a10000
Coelho, TravisFlag n/a10000
Copeland, ColbyFlag n/a20000
Cox, JustynFlag 26 y/o10000
Croft, WillieFlag 47 y/o20000
Duinkerken, GrantFlag n/a10000
Faccinto, MichaelFlag 30 y/o10000
Faccinto, MitchellFlag 28 y/o40100
Foland Jr, BurtFlag n/a20000
Forsberg, AndyFlag 44 y/o30000
Golobic, ShaneFlag 28 y/o20000
Hagopian, JakeFlag n/a30000
Hirst, KyleFlag 32 y/o42201
Ingraham, StephenFlag 35 y/o40000
Johnson, ChaseFlag n/a20000
Kaeding, AdamFlag n/a30000
Kaeding, BudFlag 40 y/o50100
Kaeding, TimFlag 41 y/o40200
Kofoid, MichaelFlag 18 y/o10000
McCarl, AustinFlag 27 y/o30001
Morgan, JakeFlag n/a10000
Nelson, KurtFlag 47 y/o40000
Netto, D JFlag n/a50100
Offill, KyleFlag n/a40000
Ringo, J JFlag n/a40000
Ringo Jr, NickFlag n/a10000
Robinson, JodieFlag n/a20000
Robinson, RyanFlag n/a20101
Sanders, JustinFlag n/a21201
Scelzi, DominicFlag 23 y/o31100
Stidham, CraigFlag n/a50000
Streeter, MattFlag 38 y/o10000
Strole, GeoffreyFlag 28 y/o20000
VanderWeerd, JaceFlag n/a10000
Warmerdam, BrendanFlag n/a10000
Watts, SeanFlag n/a40000
Worth, BenFlag n/a10000
Worth, TuckerFlag n/a10000
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