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Golden State Challenge King of California Sprint Car Series 1998 standings

Championship points standings for the Golden State Challenge King of California Sprint Car Series 1998

Most race winsFlag Randy Hannagan
Flag Randy Tiner
Most podium positionsFlag Randy Hannagan
Most podium positions without a winFlag Paul McMahan

Nationality of participating drivers

98.6%U.S.A.Flag Randy Hannagan, Brent Kaeding, Randy Tiner, Kevin Pylant, Bud Kaeding, Steve Kent, Bobby McMahan, Tommy Tarlton, Jason Meyers, Graydon Cross, Greg DeCaires, Jim Taves, Jason Statler, Brian Coelho, Lee Brewer Jr, Daniel Hood, Todd Bammer, Brad Furr, David Fowler, Jason Lund, Jason York, Paul McMahan, Ronnie Day, Ryan Riley, Steve Coelho, Craig Dillard, Duane Bonini, Mark Monico, Roger Crockett, Tim Kaeding, Gary Willey, Jimmy Sills, Ryan Bailey, Sparky Howard, Anthony Simone, Blake Robertson, Brian Crockett, Chad Riolo, Charlie Louder, Davey Pombo, Jerry Bonnema, Jimmy Trulli, Johnny Rodriguez, Jon McClain, Kasey Kahne, Keith Nafzger, Kelly Kahne, Kurt Nelson, Lynn Anderson, Monte Faccinto, Ron McBride, Sean Fenn, Shane Scott, Shane Travioli, Charlie Breshard, Dave Clarke, Dennis Harvey, Gerrold Hopping, Kyle Schild, Mark Plourde, Mike Clarke, Mike Funkhouser, Mike Henry, Mike Schriver, Nick Rescino Jr, Rob Johnson, Stephen Allard, Tim Sherman, Troy Rosendahl69
1.4%AustraliaFlag Peter Murphy1

Individual driver statistics for the 1998 Golden State Challenge King of California Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allard, StephenFlag 25 y/o30000
Anderson, LynnFlag n/a10000
Bailey, RyanFlag n/a20000
Bammer, ToddFlag n/a90000
Bonini, DuaneFlag n/a30000
Bonnema, JerryFlag n/a20000
Breshard, CharlieFlag n/a10000
Brewer Jr, LeeFlag 38 y/o70000
Clarke, DaveFlag n/a10000
Clarke, MikeFlag n/a10000
Coelho, BrianFlag 24 y/o90000
Coelho, SteveFlag n/a50000
Crockett, BrianFlag n/a10000
Crockett, RogerFlag 17 y/o4010
Cross, GraydonFlag n/a110000
Day, RonnieFlag 39 y/o50000
DeCaires, GregFlag 30 y/o100000
Dillard, CraigFlag n/a30000
Faccinto, MonteFlag 32 y/o10000
Fenn, SeanFlag 26 y/o20000
Fowler, DavidFlag n/a80000
Funkhouser, MikeFlag n/a10000
Furr, BradFlag 21 y/o50000
Hannagan, RandyFlag 31 y/o11370
Harvey, DennisFlag n/a10000
Henry, MikeFlag n/a20000
Hood, DanielFlag n/a90000
Hopping, GerroldFlag n/a10000
Howard, SparkyFlag n/a30000
Johnson, RobFlag n/a10000
Kaeding, BrentFlag 40 y/o11160
Kaeding, BudFlag 18 y/o7110
Kaeding, TimFlag 19 y/o3010
Kahne, KaseyFlag 18 y/o20000
Kahne, KellyFlag n/a10000
Kent, SteveFlag 38 y/o11130
Louder, CharlieFlag n/a10000
Lund, JasonFlag n/a50000
McBride, RonFlag n/a30000
McClain, JonFlag n/a20000
McMahan, BobbyFlag 31 y/o11130
McMahan, PaulFlag 27 y/o5020
Meyers, JasonFlag 19 y/o110000
Monico, MarkFlag n/a30000
Murphy, PeterFlag n/a8010
Nafzger, KeithFlag n/a10000
Nelson, KurtFlag 25 y/o10000
Plourde, MarkFlag n/a30000
Pombo, DaveyFlag 21 y/o10000
Pylant, KevinFlag 33 y/o11110
Rescino Jr, NickFlag n/a10000
Riley, RyanFlag n/a70000
Riolo, ChadFlag n/a10000
Robertson, BlakeFlag 23 y/o10000
Rodriguez, JohnnyFlag 22 y/o30000
Rosendahl, TroyFlag n/a10000
Schild, KyleFlag n/a10000
Schriver, MikeFlag n/a10000
Scott, ShaneFlag n/a10000
Sherman, TimFlag n/a10000
Sills, JimmyFlag 45 y/o20000
Simone, AnthonyFlag 48 y/o10000
Statler, JasonFlag 27 y/o80000
Tarlton, TommyFlag 23 y/o10010
Taves, JimFlag 33 y/o10010
Tiner, RandyFlag n/a10350
Travioli, ShaneFlag n/a10000
Trulli, JimmyFlag 29 y/o30000
Willey, GaryFlag n/a30000
York, JasonFlag 26 y/o90000
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