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HQ vs Gemini 1 Hour 2014 standings

Race results for HQ vs Gemini 1 Hour 2014

1.Flag Ashley JarvisElectronic Investigations & RepairsHolden Gemini Sedan
Fastest lap
1.Flag Nick RangeleyElectronic Investigations & RepairsHolden Gemini Sedan
Holden Gemini Coupe

2.Flag John CarterJohn CarterHolden HQ Kingswood
2.Flag Ben SimpsonJohn CarterHolden HQ Kingswood
3.Flag Gregg ChesterfieldOptilinxHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Rod DawsonOptilinxHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag Jamie FurnessJamie Furness, Jason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
Holden HQ Kingswood

4.Flag Michael HowlettJamie FurnessHolden HQ Kingswood
5.Flag Female Sammy RangeleyElectronic Investigations & RepairsHolden Gemini Coupe
6.Flag Jamie ManteufelHolden HQ Kingswood
6.Flag Brock MitchellHolden HQ Kingswood
7.Flag Brett TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
7.Flag Troy TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
8.Flag Jack SippHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Tim SippHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Joe AndriskeHolden HQ Kingswood
10.Flag Brandon MaddenHolden HQ Kingswood
10.Flag Jake MaddenHolden HQ Kingswood
11.Flag Brendan StrongHolden Gemini Sedan
11.Flag Corey WillisHolden Gemini Sedan
12.Flag Jason LevittHolden HQ Kingswood
12.Flag Mark LevittHolden HQ Kingswood
13.Flag Jason BrookerJason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Gary BonwickHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Daniel CurransHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Female Bronte MichaelHolden Gemini Coupe
15.Flag Female Kayla MitchellHolden Gemini Sedan
16.Flag Allen ShuttlewoodHolden HQ Kingswood
16.Flag Mark StrachanHolden HQ Kingswood
17.Flag Mark GrayHolden Gemini Coupe
17.Flag Female Rebecca GrayHolden Gemini Coupe
18.Flag Scott AndriskeHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Peter BackHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Jim FanecoHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Brian GoldfinchHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag David RogersHolden Gemini Sedan
Flag Brian SmallwoodHolden Gemini Coupe
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