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Margo Jones Memorial 1 Hour 2013 standings

Race results for Margo Jones Memorial 1 Hour 2013

1.Flag John CarterJohn CarterHolden HQ Kingswood
1.Flag Ben SimpsonJohn CarterHolden HQ Kingswood
2.Flag Michael DawesDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
2.Flag Female Rebecca GrayDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Jesse HeitmannEspresso To Go Mobile CafeHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Brian SmallwoodEspresso To Go Mobile CafeHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag Jim FanecoCDT Performance VehiclesHolden Gemini Coupe
Fastest lap
5.Flag Jason LevittJason LevittHolden HQ Kingswood
5.Flag Mark LevittJason LevittHolden HQ Kingswood
6.Flag Gregg ChesterfieldGregg ChesterfieldHolden Gemini Coupe
6.Flag Darren SmithGregg ChesterfieldHolden Gemini Coupe
7.Flag Rohan BarryRohan BarryHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Ramon ConnellBrian GoldfinchHolden HQ Kingswood
8.Flag Brian GoldfinchBrian GoldfinchHolden HQ Kingswood
9.Flag Nick RangeleyNick RangeleyHolden Gemini Coupe
Holden Gemini Sedan

Pole position
9.Flag Female Sammy RangeleyNick RangeleyHolden Gemini Coupe
10.Flag Jason BrookerJason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
10.Flag Jamie FurnessJason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
11.Flag Nick GirdlestoneJason ScrivenerHolden HQ Kingswood
11.Flag Jason ScrivenerJason ScrivenerHolden HQ Kingswood
12.Flag Mark GrayMark GrayHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Chris O'NeillMark GrayHolden Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Brett BakerGary SpiesHolden HQ Kingswood
13.Flag Gary SpiesGary SpiesHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Brad SchombergWarren Motor SportHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Warren WadleyWarren Motor SportHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Tony GrantSharples Concrete PumpingHolden Gemini Sedan
15.Flag Christopher SharplesSharples Concrete PumpingHolden Gemini Sedan
16.Flag Brendan StrongKirra AutomaticsHolden Gemini Sedan
16.Flag Corey WillisKirra AutomaticsHolden Gemini Sedan
17.Flag Steve CampbellSteve CampbellHolden HQ Kingswood
18.Flag Peter BackPeter BackHolden HQ Kingswood
18.Flag Terry MitchellPeter BackHolden HQ Kingswood
19.Flag Barry TantonFormula PropertiesHolden Gemini Coupe
20.Flag Daniel CassarDan CassarHolden Gemini Coupe
20.Flag Bradley JohnsonDan CassarHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Gary BonwickGary BonwickHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Paul ButlerPaul ButlerHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Rod DawsonPaul ButlerHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Arren HeeleyThe HairologistHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Ashley JarvisNick RangeleyHolden Gemini Sedan
Flag Brock MitchellGary BonwickHolden HQ Kingswood
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