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Golden Holden 1 Hour 2011 standings

Race results for Golden Holden 1 Hour 2011

1.Flag Kyle LoveringLeigh LoveringHolden HQ Kingswood
1.Flag Leigh LoveringLeigh LoveringHolden HQ Kingswood
2.Flag Chris HintonHinton Motorsport, Wilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
2.Flag Cameron WilsonHinton Motorsport, Wilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Fastest lap
3.Flag Dean CrosswellJason HoreHolden TE Gemini Sedan
3.Flag Jason HoreJason HoreHolden TE Gemini Sedan
4.Flag Dan TuiteWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag David WoodWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
5.Flag Dion CidoniDion CidoniHolden HQ Kingswood
5.Flag Tony CidoniDion CidoniHolden HQ Kingswood
6.Flag Gary BonwickDawson RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
6.Flag Brian SmallwoodDawson RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
7.Flag Tim BoylePhil RobinsonHolden Gemini Coupe
7.Flag Phillip RobinsonPhil RobinsonHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Oriano GiammicheleGT Racing AusHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Arren HeeleyGT Racing AusHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Brett TurnerBrett TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
9.Flag Justin van TwestBrett TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
10.Flag Michael DawesDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
10.Flag Female Rebecca GrayDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
11.Flag Tim GrovesHinton MotorsportHolden Gemini Coupe
11.Flag Phil RedpathHinton MotorsportHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Jeff JonesJeff JonesHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Nick JonesJeff JonesHolden Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Shayne HineAnthony StewartHolden Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Anthony StewartAnthony StewartHolden Gemini Coupe
14.Flag Peter JasseLes NolteHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Leslie NolteLes NolteHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Jason BrookerJason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Troy StarkJason BrookerHolden HQ Kingswood
16.Flag Nick LangeBenn WilsonHolden Gemini Coupe
16.Flag Benn WilsonBenn WilsonHolden Gemini Coupe
17.Flag Phil GrayWarren Van VuurenHolden Gemini Coupe
17.Flag Warren Van VuurenWarren Van VuurenHolden Gemini Coupe
18.Flag Michael WhaleWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
18.Flag Female Tracey WhaleWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
19.Flag Michael CrumpBrett TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
19.Flag Troy TurnerBrett TurnerHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Steve BrabeckRussell BrunkerHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Paul ButlerShayne MeltonHolden Gemini Coupe
Pole position
Flag Gregg ChesterfieldRed Rat RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Nick CresswellRussell BrunkerHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Steve HoggettRed Rat RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Shayne MeltonShayne MeltonHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Taylor SmallwoodDawson RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
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