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Golden Holden 1 Hour 2008 standings

Race results for Golden Holden 1 Hour 2008

1.Flag Chris HintonHinton MotorsportHolden Gemini Coupe
1.Flag David HintonHinton MotorsportHolden Gemini Coupe
2.Flag Female Melissa ThompsonMelissa ThompsonHolden Gemini Coupe
2.Flag Benn WilsonMelissa ThompsonHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Rod DawsonDawson RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Fastest lap
3.Flag Barry TantonDawson RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag Michael McCloudMichael McCloudHolden HQ Kingswood
4.Flag Bart StanfieldMichael McCloudHolden HQ Kingswood
5.Flag Brad SchombergBen SimpsonHolden HQ Kingswood
5.Flag Ben SimpsonBen SimpsonHolden HQ Kingswood
6.Flag Cameron StanfieldRowan StanfieldHolden HQ Kingswood
6.Flag Rowan StanfieldRowan StanfieldHolden HQ Kingswood
7.Flag Jason ScrivenerJason ScrivenerHolden HQ Kingswood
8.Flag Brody JarvisDion JarvisHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Dion JarvisDion JarvisHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Matt PickenMatt PickenHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Ben TomlinMatt PickenHolden Gemini Coupe
10.Flag Michael BockMichael BockHolden HQ Kingswood
10.Flag Dion CidoniMichael BockHolden HQ Kingswood
11.Flag Jon CookJon CookHolden Gemini Coupe
11.Flag Colin RichardsonJon CookHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Jason HoreJason HoreHolden TD Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Ross HoreJason HoreHolden TD Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Paul BrucePaul BruceHolden HQ Kingswood
13.Flag Bob SudallPaul BruceHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Brett BakerScott TamatiHolden HQ Kingswood
14.Flag Scott TamatiScott TamatiHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Nick DukeWade RossHolden HQ Kingswood
15.Flag Wade RossWade RossHolden HQ Kingswood
16.Flag Ray ConnorRay ConnorHolden Gemini Coupe
16.Flag Phillip RobinsonRay ConnorHolden Gemini Coupe
17.Flag Peter MarshallRace Car LeasingHolden HQ Kingswood
17.Flag David TurnerRace Car LeasingHolden HQ Kingswood
18.Flag Gary BonwickJamie FurnessHolden HQ Kingswood
18.Flag Jamie FurnessJamie FurnessHolden HQ Kingswood
19.Flag Justin GariochRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
19.Flag Nathan GariochRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
20.Flag Rohan BarryRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
20.Flag Justin van TwestRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
21.Flag Brent AprileRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
21.Flag Bevan GariochRace Car LeasingHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Glen BellDaniel CurransHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Rod BoyleRod BoyleHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Tim BoyleRod BoyleHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Jake BrackenridgeJacob BrackenridgeHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Shaun ClarkDominic MartensHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Daniel CurransDaniel CurransHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Oriano GiammicheleArren HeeleyHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Ryan HansfordWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Arren HeeleyArren HeeleyHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Ashley JarvisGerry Van De LindeHolden Gemini Coupe
Pole position
Flag Darren KurzokJai TinkHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Dominic MartensDominic MartensHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Jai TinkJai TinkHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Gerry van de LindeGerry Van De LindeHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Rob WalkerJacob BrackenridgeHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Cameron WilsonWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
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